Alantis loot tickets

Cannot use loot tickets past level one

Did you try to use them on stages that you have not completed? You can only use loot tickets on Stages that you have completed at least once


I’ve been playing long enough to know that…

Are you certain you have Easy Mode selected not Hard Mode?

If you’ve been working on Hard Mode elsewhere in S2 or S3, it often changes the default difficulty for a previous stage too.

Also no reduced cost , normaly cost’s 3 flags reduced cost’s now 7 .

LOL. That is because it is the hard mode of that particular level you are trying to use loot tickets to.


That means you have Hard Mode selected

Just click on the left button to switch back to Normal Mode

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A very big thankyou , that was the problem , :+1:


Still no reduced cost

3 tickets used, 9 energy cost. I see no problem here.