🕵 Akkorog – S4 Hero – 5* Holy/ Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Well, heroes on defense has +20% to attack and defense, so they will deal +62% more damage to you than you can do to them.

Why do you say that?
To me he is even more underwhelming in defense than in offense.
In defense it can happen that sometimes he’s useful when shuffling the defense to make it easier, even though most of the time he’s actually making the situation more complicated.

But in defense… Well in 99% of the case you don’t care at all about the order in defense.
Only case where you do care if when you have heroes that buff their flanks… Sif, Elena, Glenda, Khiona… Not really the top heroes against which you want to build a team.

I so regret maxing him. Apart from Leo and Justice (without costume) and Guardian Owl there is no worse holy 5*. And owl is a beast in VF at least.

I find it hard to take the arguments of anyone saying this seriously. Statistically his re-arrange would land him in a position where he hits 3 60% of the time. I’d love to see a video of him using his special 10 times where he ends up hitting 2 “most of the time”.

Arguments for and against have more credibility when they are not subject to exaggeration


Yes i have a video do u have line i may b forward to u there? I just recorded once but it happend numerous time

Can you post here? I usually upload it to youtube and share a link, but there are different ways of doing it…

A previous comment from me was suggesting that if maybe he inflicts -54% attack on all dark enemies, he’ll be way too good, especially on yurple defence

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I even tried to upload a screenshot its not allowing me bro… Dot u use line or discord or any app i will be happy to share really

What do mean with purple defense?
He’s not a tank for sure, so if there is a hero particularly nasty against dark, people won’t take dark against this team.
Unless you get holy heavy in your defense (like a holy tank - but there’s not really such a thing anymore) plus him, but IMHO that’d be suicide

Yurple team consists of purple and yellow hero. So attackers would tend to use purple or yellow heroes to fight such teams.
If he’s not a tank, then put him as flank, simple as that while putting a dark that can tank. My scenario calls for an akkarogg that can drop attack on dark enemies. With the attack down on dark enemies, those darks can’t hit the tank well and they can’t hit those at the flanks as well

Is that a thing? I’ve never faced that for 2 years and it seems like a very poor strategy.
So he would be very effective against something that is not a threat at all?

How have you not chanced upon a yurple defence in 2 years? Granted they’re not as common, but it is a term nevertheless

Never heard of it, and never faced it.
Well maybe I did face it once or twice, like I face some Vela tanks or mono defenses, but it seems as useless.

I’m lying whne I say 2 years though, it’s more since telluria arrived.
When Ursena was one of the best tanks, it was common (though not very successful) to see her flanked with another dark, and with 1 or 2 holy heroes. Same with Guin sometimes flanked with 2 darks.

But now those have almost disappeared and are not successful strategies at all.

I got Akkorog, and I have been reading so many negative comments about him here :joy:
Anyone please post more videos testing him!!

Your theory would have worked if a hero could not be reshuffled to the same position. However, unfortunately, a hero can. So it is all random.

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