🕵 Akkorog – S4 Hero – 5* Holy/ Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

What level is he at? May be one of those who needs to be maxed to show what he can do.

yes he is low, but his special… low damage… change the position of some enemies… thats all?

He’s supposed to do 280% damage to three, and his attack stat doesn’t look bad on paper. I wonder what’s going on there then.

Meanwhile, stick to the professional: Cheshire Cat!

Akkorog looks like Shao Khan and Goro together

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In your linked video he is at 2.1! 2.1!!!

That would be similar to bringing a 3* hero like Karil to a maxed and emblemed 5* team.

How much damage would a Karil do to an emblemed Telluria???

Sorry, but calling this guy the worst 5* of the season based on this video is ludicrous.


Im not calling the worst based on the video, the video is the only one showing his special that I found on youtube, In my opinion he is the worst, not for the video, because what he does with his special. I dont find so useful to change several times in a battel the enemies position… and I don’t think it is useful in a def team as well,… comparing with the other 5* of that season, yes… I think is the worth of them now

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So you think he’s “the worst” based on reading his special details but have not used him or seen him used except a video of a 2.1 (!!!) Hero against emblemed Telluria, Skadi and Frida.



No, I thought it before watching the video. And reading the special of the others 5* of that season… the video is only to watch the animation… it is my opinion

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So you have not seen how much damage this hero can do at fast mana and haven’t realised that there can be benefits by rearranging opposing team order so declare he’s the worst.

Fair enough, you’re entitled to your opinion.

In my opinion, judging a new hero from only reading a card is rash.


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Friend, we know, but you understand that sometimes, reading some things, the brain can explode.

But ok, this the “2 seconds to judge” era, to read the title and not the text below, to yell and to judge to feel himself alive.

But yeah, everyone should give his opinion, sometimes if they could think before giving them in order to shout “heyyyy, I am here, yeah, it’s me”, it would be wonderful.

Sorry for the OT :wink:

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Good hero. Can be especially annoying on defense if you have heroes arranged in a certain order for buff and protection when attacking.


I pulled him.
Have a surplus of darts and over 30 5s so, I’ll probably max him. The rearranging is what it is, hes fast and is going to be hitting hard with a high attack. Defense he can be effective to a degree imo (Good for cleanse wars anyone?).
I’ll be having fun with him and mushashi 3 hitting teams into oblivion.

Ah, that’s what’s going on. Explains a lot. I didn’t see his level, just that his hp was way lower than his team mates’. 280% of XXXX all is… not very much.

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I agree that Akkorog is the worst 5* of S4.

Elizabeth, Lepiota and Phileas Fogg are among the best.
Prof. Lidenbrock and Dr. Moreau are little bit better than him.

I think Akkorog are about average when compare to other 5* in the previous season.(I think he is like White Rabbit) He is the worst, not because he is underpower, but because other 5* in S4 are pretty overpower.



His name is Akkorog :slight_smile:

I think for players with deeper rosters he is an interesting hero.

I managed to pull him and can think of lots of situations where he will be useful and fun to use.


Yes, he is useful in some specific situations, for example, counter powerful tank like Alfrike in rush attack.


Mine goes rapidly to +20. 280 (don’t forget +30% attack on first strike!) should do quite some damage. Plus Frigg softenig things up a little bit in advance… He will get Drakes spot as right flank in my defence.


The problem on the offense is that rearranges the enemy positions which give advantage in only some specific situations. However, he will do better job on defense because hero in defense always random target so there is no different. And rearrange might mess the attacker a bit.