Akkorog or Bai Yeong?


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Bai Yeong is my only maxed yellow 5*. I wasn’t too thrilled with him at first because he only did 320% damage and I really wanted Joon, but I’ve warmed up to him. I’ve never regretted maxing him.

320% damage isn’t Sartana, but it ain’t bad. I’ll also say his blind feels like it works more than 75% of the time. I believe he’s the closest I’ll ever get to having a 5* Hansel, and Hansel’s easily one of my favorite heroes in the whole game. My trust for his 75% blind effect has increased over time.

I’ll vote for Bai Yeong because he’s earned my trust. Akkorog is still an unknown to me. I don’t expect him to perform much better than Bai Yeong even if he does turn out well, and Bai Yeong’s a safer bet because most of us are more familiar with his results. If you max Akkorog, then for all I know, this jellybean you pull out of the bag might be earwax flavored. If that happens, then alas, you have my condolences.


Bai for utility, Akkorog for hit.

Bai for offense, Akkorog for defense.

It really comes down to your playstyle and where you feel you are lacking.


All buffs on a hero disappear once he/she is dead.
Hence, Bai ability to blind the titan allow your heroes to keep their buffs much longer.

Just for this, Bai is totally better for titans, even tho his tile damage is worse.

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They’re both bad heroes and mats are at a premium in this game. Making a bad decision that only benefits you in the short term seems like the best way for a motivated player of the game to become a former player of the game.

If they REALLY can’t stomach the idea of holding out for a better hero, then go with Bai since they’re slightly less bad? Is that better advice for the OP? Have I met your standards for a response now?

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I’ve got Bai to 3/70 and I’m seriously considering ascending him. Paired with Gazelle and Jackal, his hit becomes much better and blind gets handy when enemy is about to go off. Plus he resists minion ailments and buff defense of yellow allies, good for mono.

I don’t have new s4 yellow so i wont comment on him

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Today I bring Bai Yeong to 3/70. I feel he is useable at 3/70 :grin:
As for Akkorog, I’m waiting for more videos to see his performance :smile:

I get that people will defend and rationalize the hero they have. There are WAY more folks that have Bai over Akko right now especially since Bai was a HOTM (that most hated btw). And if you ended up using Darts on Bai you will obviously choose her. And it’s not a bad decision.

But in my opinion S4 is the next Meta. Those base stats on Akko are ridiculous. Being able to do as much damage to 3 that Bai can do to one just simply can’t be rationalized. The rearrange isn’t the greatest secondary affect…no argue there, but it’s also very far from useless. If you get in a scenario where Akko is your only hero left (on defense or defense) and he’s facing 2 heroes on the opposite team that are not next to each other. His rearrange gives him the chance to hit both to end the match where other hit 3 heroes would have hit only one…as Bai can hit only one EVER.

To each his own. And I will never look down on folks that ascend a 5 star hero out of necessity. But this OP was asking which one. And I hope you really put in the time to evaluate both at 3-70 before you make the decision.

I don’t want you to use the mats on Bai and watch as S4 meta goes crazy in the next 6 months and Akko (and those insane base stats) look better and better.

Either way…I wish you luck and success!


I have Bai and think he’s terrible. I think mine is broken. The blind is more like 50% effective and not the 75% the card says. Plus, he conflicts with both my Joon and Drake with the blind so you have to be careful on the overwrites a lot. Bai works best against AOE heroes (especially Afrike). Against snipers he’s way less effective IMO.

I don’t have Akko, but he looks amazing to me. Very powerful hitting hero! I’d go with him without hesitation (unless you want a decent counter to Afrike in VF tourneys/wars for some reason).


Good points R Duke!

And one last thing that I think all of us (including me) haven’t grasped yet. If the new RAID formations go live. Then a hero like Akko that can rearrange positions becomes ULTRA important. When I tested the formations it became very apparent that the position in the defense of certain heroes made the defense extremely hard to kill.

I think SG has made all the S4 heroes a must have commodity. By them giving a hero an ability to rearrange tells me they know something we don’t fully know yet. And I think that something is the new formations and the ability to move defenders can be EXTREMELY useful.


Bai is great on offense, when you can direct and time his special. I don’t think he is really a hero to put on defense, where the AI will 90% of the time do the wrong thing with it.

I have Bai, and think he’s great offensively, btw. Probably not the best hero for defense though.

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I will bring both to 3/70 and evaluate them carefully.

I’m one tonic short of facing this exact choice. I’m thinking Bai as a counter to Alfrike. I’m also thinking I pick an attack team depending on the arrangement of the defense team, and Akkarog can bring heroes my attack is color-weak against into positions that makes it harder to beat them.

Have Bai and Akkorog maxed, recommend you to go with Bai he has much more utillity and a good elemental link.

I have a maxed BY and no Akkorog. I’m still Team Akkorog!

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I have both BY and Akkorogg. I maxed BY long before I had Akkorogg but recently I’ve ascended Devana over Akkorogg as well.

I just see no real reason for Akkorogg tbh. I’ve faced him a lot in defences…he’s not game breaking by any stretch. Just a random decent hit. But I have lots of heroes that do a decent hit and something useful. Shuffling the heroes isn’t actually much use on the whole

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