Akkorog or Bai Yeong?

I’m short of yellow 5* so I would like to ascend one.
I like Bai’s blind ability.
Akkorog hits hard but the rearrangement is his drawback I guess.

Akkorog is good against tanks that you want avoid and he hits hard, his randomness isn’t that bad and I would probably max him first

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Bai Yeong’s good too though. As with any other question of this type, it does depend on what else you have in your roster. Do you need a hit and blind more than you need a hit three and shuffle? Think about what you need and how you’d use each of them, rather than which is “better” on an objective scale.

I’d call the rearrangement more of a situational advantage than a disadvantage, to be fair. There will be times it really helps as well as times where it actually makes things worse. I bring Cheshire Cat to war cleanups sometimes specifically to move annoying survivors out of corners.


I think Bai Yeong is little better since you are short of yellow 5*. Bai’s blind is very useful in many situation. Akkorog do hits hard but his rearrangement usually make he hit only 2 target and also usually move full health hero to tank position. Akkorog will be more useful in rush attack especially against Alfrike tank.

Overall, Bai Yeong is more widely useful. Bai Yeong is better for low level player who don’t have many hero.
Akkorog is useful in some specific situation. Akkorog is better for high level player who have many heros and need heros to counter specific situation.


Altho I dont have either, im more inclined to go with bai yeong. I do have experience with heroes that rearrange- cheshire cat, who I now only use on titans (because the rearrange does nothing) only for the def down.

My opinion is if your goal is to get rid of a difficult tank, you are much better off stacking colors against it and killing the tank with 4 tiles (using mono), which is considerably faster than charging fast or average heroes anyway.

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Another factor: Bai Yeong is better for titans,


I have Bai maxed but no emblems.

He’s very good at very key times and can win a raid for you.

But I use him pretty much against the nasty Purple Spider Titan. Just hang onto him and fire him just before the special and I’ve had tonnes of all 5 miss.

I don’t have the new S4 dude but he does hit really hard.

Tough call.

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This makes sense, you rather just kill the tank than make it go away. Reshuffling is worthless without extra ultility. At least for Cheshire cat, he drops defence on holy apart from the reshuffling. Akkorogg right now only serves as a niche combo extender.
I would go for Bai yeong as well

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Looks like Bai Yeong receives more love :grin:

Akkorog has much better base stats and hits harder. He’s a premium event hero and all-around is better IMHO. Bai Yeong hits too weakly to be of much value and only hits one. Against titans Bai has a mediocre attack stat compared to Akkorog who has a high attack stat, making his tile damage superior. I do not view this as a close call.


Bai is a blind specialist. I use him specifically on the insane AOE hitters like Alfrike, Odin, Telly, JF, Vela, Frigg, Killhare, and the Ninjas. Also the 75% heal reduction is very useful. Using Bai requires skill and good understanding of the dynamics of the fight. He doesnt kill, but he makes the other powerful heros look like a joke.
Akkarog is a new new baby in the park. He is good, but at times he can be a pain with his rearrange. A bad rearrange can destroy your attack at times.
I would choose Akkarog only because he has better stats.


I will pitch in to recommend Akkorog. I have Bai Yeong (in multiples!), and he is the only 5* on my roster which I regret ascending (so far). He is useful, but only against titans and must-deny specials in raids. Akkorog simply hits harder, and that pushes him higher in esteem in my book. But I’m a tile-damage brute, so have your table salt handy.

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In what mad universe would people recommend Bai Yeong over Akkorog? No comparison IMHO.

Team Akkorog!


In the universe where strategy sometimes wins out over straight muscle. I mean, in what universe do you need a screwdriver instead of a hammer? Hammers hit harder every time! But sometimes it’s not about hitting.


Lol. If you want to kill your opponent by tickling them to death then please use Bai Yeong.

Akkorog is also not a hard hitting sniper. So confused by the hammer/screwdriver comparison.

I would argue his shuffle requires more strategic team composition thinking than using a hero who only does 320% damage to one hero.

But if the enemy is not able to be one-shotted (like a titan!) you may want it not to hit you. That’s where Bai Yeong comes in. He also prevents those annoying heals that save the enemy hanging on by a thread - yes, yes, I know, a harder hitter might have finished it off, but even Akkorog can only do three maximum.

I have to be honest, my panda doesn’t see a lot of use because Malosi had the spot before he came along, and Malosi still tends to be my go-to. But when I do use Bai I’m generally pleasantly reminded that he’s quite good. I tend to pair him with Jackal so his hit becomes respectable.

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I love my Bai Yeong.
He has on multiple occasions made the likes of Zimkitha, Finley and others miss ALL heroes with their attack. That, to me, is a god send! Of course you just need to time it right with him and use him on the “best” hero (one that hit multiple)

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I’m team Bai. Akkorag’s shuffle is too annoying. Bai’s blind against AoE hitters is amazing.

Bai hits decent, but not great. He does have good tile damage — mine’s at 801 with 10 emblems, and could go to 861 if I wanted. But, again, his purpose is to mitigate damage with the blind. He gives a lot more flexibility than Akkorag in that way.

But as mentioned, it really matters most who you need more. If you have AoE blind, he’s not nearly as useful.


Bai Yeong is good hero i have both and would max Bai no questions asked again.

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