Akkorog ignores blind and dodge

Dear devs,
One more bug for you ))

As of now Akkorog has two issues:

1. His special attack always ignores

But Rogue’s talent still can dodge: https://youtu.be/oDUqRcRV1ZU

2. Animation is broken.
Firstly hit animation works on a “missed” enemies, who won’t change places.
After that hit animation works again on the enemies who’ll recieve real damage.

@KiraSG , @Petri , kindly ask for your attention.
It’s a real problem for a team who attacks Akkorog - he can’t be countered with accuracy ailments or dodge.

P.S. It doesn’t work on Margaret, 'cause her dodge is different and don’t make Akko miss on a placement change.
So in this case the damage can be dodged.
Hope it’ll be helpful.


I don’t think one data point is really convincing argument that there is something wrong. That being said, it looks like specials are working.

When it comes to the blind ailment, from what I can see/understand is that he actually missed the 2 heroes on the right, so didn’t shuffle them around, but didn’t miss on the hit.

On the dodge part, from the video, it looks like 3 of the heroes dodged so only Inari and Malosi changed places. You’ll notice that the 3 heroes gained fox minions.

As for the hit after the re-arrangement, that’s up to luck. Drake Fong only has a -35% accuracy, so there’s a 27% (65%^3) chance that Akkorog will still hit all 3 heroes. Inari’s percentage is a little better -56% dodge, so there’s an 8.5% chance of that occurring. They aren’t great odds, but they aren’t bad. Let’s put it this way, pulling a seasonal/event 5* is from 1.0 - 1.6% chance.

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I made about 20 same tests, and Akkorog never missed his damage.
Wanna calculate probability for that? )

Depends on which one. But if you have Bai Yeong you could always try him out as it is 75% chance. Then again I haven’t Akkorog much on the defense. Maybe if others can corroborate. I’m always leery of someone making a blanket statement on the evidence of a few observations.

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