Akkorog and c-Kad bug and visual bug

Wasn’t able to get it on video as I wasn’t expecting it.

Akkorog’s skill is a shuffle then deal damage to target and nearby.

I was using the order of heim-cKad-almur-ariel-lianna to attack.

cKad’s buff was up when akkorog’s skill went off. the animation for shuffling played which rearranged my formation to heimdal-ariel-almur-cKad-lianna with heimdal and lianna dodging the shuffle. Next, 2 fists came down, one on heimdal and one on lianna. Followed by a 3rd on cKad.
so in line with the formation post shuffle, it hit x-o-o-x-x(with “x” being hits). This isn’t in line with “target and nearby enemies” on akkorog’s card.

As mentioned above, 2 fists come down in the animation and then a 3rd. Usually, the animation has all 3 fists coming down at the same time.

I think what might be happening here is that the coding is trying to hit the heroes as if they would have been reshuffled. However, the heroes that dodged the shuffle, are stationary so the animation continues on them.

Is this working as intended? Has anyone else experienced this?

While not the same instance as I mentioned about it does still demonstrate the bug and visual bug I mentioned above. here is the video.

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