Akkadian Elysium - an alliance of balance and positive reinforcement

Akkadian Elysium alliance is recruiting. A casual and friendly group, yet still very much competitive, increasing in alliance score by over 25k in 3 months and winning 4 of the last 5 wars. Currently fighting 8 star titans. Do you want to experience the game in a close-knit environment, where you can learn the tricks of the trade, yet still have fun? Then we are definitely the right option for you ! The group thrives on positive reinforcement and acting as a unified team, while still respecting everyone’s individuality and opinions.

Preferably looking for players over 3000 TP. Part of the Akkadian family of alliances, one of the top families in the game. Line account preferable, but not mandatory.

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact AshearaSaga in line. Hope we’ll get the chance to play alongside you and help fulfill each other’s potential!


Fairly new to game ( only playing 7 months or so) and looking to learn more about how alliances work. Would love to be part of an active group. Interested in joining your alliance. What are next steps??

Thank you! My game name is different than my user name (~alexa.1221~)

Well you can find ‘Akkadian Elysium’ under AllianceSearch and apply, and me or one of our elders will get you in :slight_smile: looking forward to having you among us.

Ok no problem :slight_smile: whenever you are ready.

Found your alliance but have no idea how to apply from the info page…not very technologically savvy

Well you click on ‘view’, then ‘request join’. And that’s pretty much it :wink:

I cannot find the request to join option…can only view who is in alliance. It says invite only. My apologies for not being able to figure it out

Hm do you have 1000 trophies? If not, i assume that might be the problem. If so, i can lower the amount for you so it is no longer an issue. You are at or close to 3000 TP though, right?

As of now I have 2062…

2062 trophies or 2062 TP?

TP 3458. ( and climbing :wink: ) 2062 trophies

Then i have no clue what the problem might be. I’ll just change it to Open so you can get in without any more ‘interface challenges’

Thank you!!! I just realized I had to leave the alliance I was in before I could join yours…so everything popped up…my bad. :nerd_face:

Lol no biggie. We can talk in alliancechat now :slight_smile:

Ok guys we are full again for now. Thanks to everyone who was interested and who joined ! Will let you guys know again as soon as we have new spots available

We’re back having 2 free positions, if anyone is interested :slight_smile:

1 open spot again for anyone wanting to join, get it while it’s hot ! :sunny:

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