🦅 Aino – 5* Ice / Blue from Legends of Kalevala

Ariel, Rumpelstiltskin, Raffaele AND another one in the upcoming Styx event.

I’d argue that Rumpelstiltskin, like Anzogh, tarlak, Red Hood and Aegir, aren’t healers but heroes with the potential to heal.

Also Esme. 20 Wolves.


I want one please and thank you

Ariel is better.

Go for Ariel

How do you figure this? Now the downplay is starting to look suspicious.

Ariel Base Stats:
Aino Base Stats?:
:x: Ariel
:white_check_mark: Aino

Ariel’s Skill:

  • Recovers 40% health for all allies.
  • All allies get +24% mana generation for 4 turns.
  • Cleanse status ailments from all allies.


Looks close? Not really…

Glaring issue for Ariel is skill timing doesn’t cleanse first to remove any limiting heal ailments before restoring the hp.
Another problem is the mana gen is dispellable.
The nature caveat is NOT cleansable
(that +2 turns @PlayForFun?)
:x: Ariel
:white_check_mark: Aino

Now the passives:
Aino, along with this entire family…


I don’t know what % the passive will kick in, but I’m guessing 10%? Is that right @PlayForFun?
Any higher than that, and this family are the first 8* heroes in the legendary portal… 10% is bad too. You will really have to watch those tiles! Hopefully the passive doesn’t kick in until 5%.
That’s a smidge more balanced. Except for the rogue… yikes! If it kicks in less than 10%. Then the defense path may make more sense!

At the Base? The current 15% passive = 218 hp
That number will go way up after Blems & LB… It’s not minion health… it’s hero health!

Edit… snap… and the +15% mana! If that’s enough to trigger the skill after you were just about to kill her…??..you will be the one who snaps!

Ariel’s passive? None…

Next the family bonus:
That’s debatable. Some may call it a wash.
Some may give it to Ariel, and I would normally agree with them! However…
considering the family members . . .
this tie-breaker will still go to

Lastly the Costume:
Clear win for Ariel! For now… According to Krampus, Ariel has 1 year.
Oh… look!



Not even close…


I’ll probably get this guy… I’m so full of ice healers…

Mana bonus for both Ariel and her costume turns your fast hitters into machine guns (vfast). Go test it out with lvl 29 troops.

That’s the most important. Instant cast whenever you ghost 3 tiles. Can turn the tide of the battle very often.

The cleanse first doesn’t remove minions or fiends, so it’s kinda useless.

I already have Ariel and costume but I want Aino as well. One more 5* healer is never enough .
The issue concerning cleanse first before healing or inverse I would analyze according to the opponent
Most important is having different options.


@PlayForFun do you have any idea of an estimate % for Power of Sisu’s "low health"

I scanned your beta report and can only find that feelings were mixed on the gain %.

I’d really like to know what “low health” means

Just pulled her. Seems like a decent healer. 2nd 5s breaker I got

As I recall this 15% heal + 15% mana kicks in when the hero’s health bar goes red.
And I think that is at 30%.

Yes, plus 2 turns are added with non cleansable flag.

Welcome home beauty :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
I personaly like mana reduce and mana control heroes. My other blue heroes are Esme and Kiril C so she would be a great addition to my mono team. Can not wait to level up her :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Wow… The +15% isn’t that bad. Well… for health anyway. But a 30% trigger is practically guaranteed to fire! That’s what needed to be lowered. Now the passive is very close to just… extra stats.

That makes it easy for offense. An extra 1.5 tiles means you can fire in 3 matches WITH CRIT TROOPS by tile dumping a powerful hit-all.

And a nightmare on defense. Take snipers, and pray for timing. Otherwise, these heroes are all FAST on defense.

I still have a recent table I made for cleric:

Click here for emblem and LB numbers

Barring that the ?'s attached to the op’s stats above haven’t changed. The LB applies first. Those % gain are known in this case 7.61%. Then add emblem path:

Defense Path:

Defense Health
18 36
18 ••
24 ••
•• 43
18 ••
18 ••
18 36
•• 36

Total = +114 def & +151 hp

Health Path:

Defense Health
18 36
•• 36
•• 36
•• 43
•• 36
•• 36
18 36
•• 36

Total = +36 def & +295 hp

So… with lvl 15 crit troops you will gain +15% mana and 391 hp from this passive, if you choose health path. Also… I’m guessing the passive will count as a heal. This would mean that the amount of hp you gain from the passive will be higher with MANA TROOPS!

The defense path will give +78 def and the passive will have -144 hp attached.

I recommend playing with the hero for a while and seeing how often you get the passive to fire. If you are regularly triggering this passive the added hp will stack quickly, while the lower def will just help that along.

Then you have what the card will do on defense! I’ll let you all sort that out :laughing:
I’ve no doubt there are a few max’d, blemmed and broken before I finished typing this up.
You can go practice against them.

Bear in mind it only happens once per battle. It is a saving grace sometimes and other times means little, and it can also mess you up when on Offense because it is a new aspect to the play. Slow your play style down when using them on Offense so you don’t end up wasting the opportunity :+1:

That said Aino is a great healer, especially if you do not have a Xylophone or an Ariel, but even with them she is definitely worth working on.


Why only once?

I can see skipping low health and going straight to death happening every now and then.

But my play style would fluctuate health quite a bit during a single match

Roger that. A one-shot passive :ok_hand:


The description of the Passiv could be worded better, but the key words are “for the first time”. This effect does not occur on every new turn with low health, only once in the battle.

It is a passiv that will only activate once per battle, assuming conditions are met.


I like that she does a debuff on the enemy. If you only heal, you’re pretty much a tile sink. So the -24% mana speed is great as it should make attackers more reluctant to send tiles into her.


I don’t have a blue healer, out of the two I have, who should get fully ascended. Aino or Alexandrine? Any advice will be appreciated! :slight_smile: