Ai for defence

Dear SG,

Please improve AI for defence heroes not to special on ghosted (special or reviving) heroes if the special can hit and wound others. Priority should be other heroes.

And if special would do nothing, hold it!!

Would be much more fun.


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Defense AI is already eons ahead of autofarming. And has a 20% stats bonus… Further improving it, as to not to respect the left to right special order, or holding charged specials(see ninjas) would change the basics of wars and raiding. Defense already usually targets the best available targets like healers or charged heroes and, even worst, focuses slash attacks against specific targets from time to time. I’ve, more than once, had three or more defensers slashing my charged healer to death in one turn, before it got a chance to cast. Just imagine not being able to block and trigger with tiles… I sure wouldn’t like that to happen… that’s a bad idea… my vote is a firm NO.

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