AI controlled

I was wondering if the abilities of hero’s i use could be as powerful and accurate as the AI controlled hero’s for example if i use WU his miss percentage goes through the roof but if AI uses him he becomes the demon incarcerated possessed by Bob Lee Swagger

Think its subjective honestly ill use wu one hit on a titan and get a pathetic score Another time itll be a great score most the time in the middle but thats why its called gamblers stance just like how youll face a frigg and shell evade like shes in the matrix Another time she’ll get hit with everything or fighter class wont revive qt all Another time theyll revive so much ive literally seen someone take out 4 full hp heros with a magni with 1 hp cuz he revived so much… dunno if AI has anything to do with it oppsed to chance


You always remember the outliers that adversely affect you. The normal run of the mill events get forgotten.

you’d need a collation of non-selective data to prove it.

My maxed emblem Alfrike doesn’t hit all five opponent’s but AI acts godly

I’ve seen opponent Alfrike only hit two of my five heroes. Mind you, them two were mangled for max health.

Yeah I’ve had Alfrike hit all 5 about 3 times. It’s a 14% chance (and change but I ain’t that bothered :joy:)

But I can tell I remember 2 of them vividly as they cost me the war hit. I set her off all the time and win a heck of a lot. The human brain just remembers negative moments much more strongly than positive ones.

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I remember all my 3 great pulls out of ten thousand but can’t really remember any of those crap I pulled other 9,997 times