AI Conspiracy

I think there needs to be a distinction from a ridiculous complaint, and a ridiculous Conspiracy, if you dont agree, please call the moderators in to merge this with the other. I’d like to start with a conspiracy I uncovered today:

The Game Controls Strength Via RNG and AI
Ever play a raid, and the defense team seems to be hitting your team in just the perfect way to kill you? My husband has Mother North, and as long as she survives, he can beat teams 200-400 TP higher than him. If she gets targeted down first, however, he could lose to teams 200-400 TP lower. I, myself, found when I’m on a pretty phenomenal raid streak, Rigard (my one healer) will often be the first to die, costing me many victories. Could the devs have looped in an algorithm to “keep you in check”? Is that how sometimes a war matchup looks so skewed, but then all the enemy teams can’t seem to get a good enough board to finish you off or vice versa?

Additionally, I’ve been stuck on a level before in the map, unable to continue. I get more world energy, train no heroes, make no new battle items, and then beat it without even a scratch on my team thanks to a much more cascade-y board. It’s as though I waited long enough in queue that my number has been called and I’m allowed to progress. Is the game intentionally keeping me from leveling, progressing, or getting materials and resources?

Is it all one big plot to cull the masses? And what purpose does it serve?

I believe E&P runs on frustration and stress, much like the “retired” dolls in Dollhouse were kept in a state of adrenaline overdrive. I’m not sure what the devs are channeling this energy into, but it seems when they’ve stored up enough, we’re allowed to progress and be victorious once more.


Sometimes I do truly believe that the AI targets wu and wilbur. I’m sure it’s just my feeling, as my team usually depends on them so I’m hyper sensitive to them getting offed.

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Yes, my healers and sniper get targeted first. Ugh…


I’ve read reports in threads that the game has gone so far as to specifically target players and their alliance.

Someone needs to unravel this immediately!

(Kinda feels a little RCT-y)


While I would assume the AI is random, it is possible that there is something more to it than that. It is certainly possible to min-max a better set of moves for the AI and then only apply them under certain conditions. Such conditions could be correlated with:

  • Higher player level
  • Higher team power
  • Higher trophy count
  • Better elemental type match-up (for example, simulating strong slashes by concentrating multiple slashes on a single attacker’s hero)
  • Spending level
  • Amount of time playing during that day
  • Some kind of internal timer tuned to incite a bit of frustration in players but not so much that they quit playing (there’s an interesting Game Theory video on YouTube about this kind of mechanism)
  • Random chance
  • Any number of other factors I can’t think of right now.

If you are interested, feel free to pick one or more of those and record some data. Who knows, maybe a correlation can be found.


I also noticed that some heroes are attached with priority. Also I noticed that once one of my heroes was hit by a special all other normal attacks ready hit same hero so that he dies. AI wasn’t that clever before.

For me it’s simple:

  1. ennemy attack weakest hp/def hero very often (my melendor seems to always be targetted more on every fight)

  2. ennemy have great chance to reattack the same heroes multiple times. Often and almost always seen on titan fight especially at the start.

  3. if an hero is low health, it will be more likely attacked next hit and killing him on process

I experimented on more than 150 fights, cost me a lot of raid victory even if i win most of the time.

sometimes i wonder if it’s rigged or not…
And it’s pretty fustrating

The last 2 standing are often ares and joon for my attack team (thx to ares regen)


My Delilah is the target quite often even when bringing a 4* hero with me…so she is not the weakest.
I agree absolutely to your Point #2
For your third point I got not same experiance…not for Titans nor for raids. More likely to kill a hero with special ready.

You discovered the beauty of RNG :slight_smile:.
There is no conspiracy behind, actually it is simply impossible that a person in Finland is sitting there, targeting you specifically to make you happy or frustrated.

Behind every move of the game there is a programmed algorithm: boards are random, rewards are random, pulling heroes is random. That is why sometimes it is good and sometimes it is not in your favor. The way how your opponents act is programmed and nobody knows exactly how, but it seems to target the weekest or the one with the most chance to eliminate or damage.

I play this game for about 1.5 years, having a quite big account with nearly 10k raid wins; since the beginning people claim one ridiculous conspiracy theory after another but from my experience it is random: sometimes in my favor, sometimes not.

Just find aspects of the game you enjoy, otherwise the time spent is not worth it.


Why don’t you think that a sophisticated and challenging AI is a big plus in a game? :thinking:


Have you considered the possibility that the AI may be targeting based on which unfarmable AM are coming up for sale next?

I think it’s a little too convenient that the AI keeps hitting my 3/60 Wu Kong on titain fights, and then magically at the end of the week, an orbs offer pops up. Coincidence???


I lose. It’s a conspiracy!! :grin:


Agreed. I’d prefer the AI have at least a basic “intelligence”. That keeps fights somewhat interesting.

@Tamsin Also, Jonathan Swift would be very proud! The thread is already pretty epic.

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is this pay to play game?

The question is a little off-topic for this thread. But the game supports free to play (F2P), cheap to play (C2P), and pay to play (P2P) players in different ways. It’s not really “pay to win”, since no amount of money can 100% guarantee the best heroes, and ascension materials flow into the game at a pretty controlled rate. But money can help you move faster, and will usually result in a better roster of heroes.


I think a lot of people fall into the trap of “confirmation bias”.
you only see it when it happens again. kinda like in a super market where you always end up at the wrong line.
Personally I tend to have absolute ■■■■ luck with titan fights and lose my Wu Kong first, but there’s also been cases where the titan attacked anyone BUT him and I could heal back up.

I’m not a programmer, but programming an AI like sounds insanely difficult. like a million “if hero X is at X HP and/or hast X amount of special filled up, do action X” for like all heroes and also all combinations of all heroes and enemies in the game.

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Whatever the AI is doing is at best “fuzzy”, I.e. it doesn’t always choose the same target. Otherwise, all minions would fire at the same target.

My guess is that the AI does a pass through all living heroes and assigns a targeting weight based on HP (lower gets more weight) and mana % (higher gets higher weight). If you bring Wu and four 5*, Wu is going to get hit first more often because of his low HP.

This is testable of course (at least in beta). Bring four 5* plus Wu yo 100 titan fights, count where first hit falls. >20%? Now drop one of the 5* and bring a 3* alongside Wu. The 3* should attract more of the first strikes.


It might just be fragile heroes survive the first strike less so it is the ONLY strike, shrinking the RNG data set and making meaningful sample size even more tedious to acquire ( this happened to me when trying to gather damage formula data versus 1.8-X Bosses).

Now we just need an unsuspecting victim, er, helpful associate to test this.

I did notice auto play tries to match near the last surviving mob and I seem to remember more vertical matches than horizontal matches on the last mob.

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