AI attacks a ghost, feature or bug?

Never seen this before, so I am not sure. Search option also wasn’t helpful.

Today, in the last moves of a raid, I had the following situation:

My team: Boldie and Marjana left
Opponent: Joon left

Boldie had some dot from Gravy and died at the end of the round, Marjana had less than 200hp left. Joon was ready to fire his special, so I thought that’s it, game over.

But, Joons special didn’t hit Marjana, as I expected, it hits the ghost of Boldie, and Boldie has been revived at the beginning of the new turn. Lucky me, but the question is, is it correct that the AI fired the special to the ghost or is that a bug?


It’s debatable whether it ought to be able to do that, but it’s not new, at least. There are examples of this going back to the beginning of Classes being introduced, and similar examples for heroes like Ameonna.

Typically most Forum posts about the AI claim it’s smarter than it used to be, but this is one example where it remains quite stupid.

That may have been intentional in the game design, to keep Fighters from becoming a liability to other heroes while in ghost mode.


Still, it is a bug. As long as the AI can target a ghost fighter, but I cannot target a fighter in one’s defense while is still ghost, means it’s definitely a bug.

Correction, you can… Kind of

If you had targetted the fighter BEFORE they died & revived, the target symbol thing doesn’t disappear/ clear. Hence you can still target fighters in revived state with special skills.

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Not a bug. Think of Atmos… So he gets killed by a sniper, but the enemy team hasn’t all fired their specials. He is the last one standing, well dead, but revives after the full mana enemies fire. All the snipers hit his ghost and miss. He revives. It is a benefit. In ghost mode the AI can waste a sniper attack going for him, just as titans attack ghost mode too.

TY, so this is the way it is going since classes have been introduced.
I don’t think that this is going to happen often, as it needs a pretty rare situation at all.

But we do not have any feedback from the staff to know if this is the way they want it, right?

Just wondering because, as @Scarecrow mentioned, as attacker, I have no chance to select a ghost target by choice and I was the opinion that the AI is selecting the target randomly when the special is ready to fire. Therefore, a ghost should not be available as selectable target.

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