Agwe nature defense does not work?

Hi All,

I was testing if Agwe and Frida nature elemental defense stacks or not, as Agwe has it as party wide buff and Frida as elemental chain.

So the buff icons do stack, so far so good. I tried S1-6-3 as it is full green. I realized that the damage from boss was reduced only at Fridas buff, but had no reduction with Agwe buff (see the pictures).

All my Agwes are unleveled, and when my Kadilen was only at 3.70, I felt that her special skill defense is not working, and now that she is 4.80, it seems to be fine against the lvl80 champs. Maybe that’s the issue?

Could you please test how much does the monster do damage with only elemental link as in the 2nd screenshot you had elemental link + Agwe’s buff
And as i recall Agwes defense on level 1 is only 40% defense right?

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Right, 40%, but Frida has also less than 50

The pictures:
1 no buff
2 both buffs
3 agwe buff only

There shall be a difference between 1 and 2. One case is missing, Frida only, actually it had tge same result as pic2

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