Agwe and Ghost - what are they for? Both seem totally worthless

That’s true, but it means accepting that a fifth of my tiles will be weak. I’m just not convinced that I would ever consider that worthwhile.

Can I just take a moment and appreciate this beautiful pun? Well done.


Not true of regular damage done by titans, raid offense, or map monsters.

It turns out that swipes against your team are not “colored” attacks in this sense, so Agwe’s buf will do nothing except against the titan’s special skill attack or against another green hero/monster’s special skill attack, like the bosses in 1:8-7.

On your raid defense team, this isn’t true–tile damage that you fire is “colored” damage, and if your heroes have minions, their “swipes” inherit the color of the hero they are in front of.

Ghost girl is fun on raids - she can hit Boril and Cyprian, self cleanse The Big Dots etc -

I’ve taken 2 of her and proteus and 1 hitter and one big AOE on raids and cleaned up -

Just have to get good with timing - she’s not a fire as she charges up kind of gal …

Agwe is delicious with lemon and butter - I look at him like a trainer card :slight_smile:


Agwe is very good against green stacks, also very useful in challenge Events that has lots of green mobs.where his AoE and elemental defense buff keeps the team clean for the final stage.

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Ooo. I hadn’t thought of this. I’ve been gathering info on Ameonna, since she is currently my next purple to level, but this is the first time I’ve seen this mentioned. She seems to have a lot of niche advantages. Nothing that makes her a must-have world beater, but enough situations that come up semi-frequently to make her worth a little effort to level. I’m kinda getting excited about her now. Thanks, @Vixx.


If this hasn’t been said already, Agwe’s primary useful purpose is 8-7 farming and easy auto-farm teams due to the attack all.

The credit to this idea belongs to someone else who I can’t recall atm…(sorry)

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Just started levelling Ameonna! will defo take her to 3/60. Have read good things and bad things about her!
My one concern is not enough tiles on the board is she gonna be able to take a bit of damage before I can get some purple tiles up before hitting ghost mode!?
(I do the same with falcon try hit his special with some red tiles on the board otherwise it’s bascially just an waste of the extra fire damage! Or waiting for Colen to max up his mana!)

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Overall I am having fun with Agwe. Using him against green Titans seems counterintuitive but man, he does great protecting the squad with the +54% defense against nature.

Also, I’m into collecting all the various families from Atlantis. It’s the stamp collector in me. Will Agwe ever be an epic game changer? No he’s pretty squishy. And his aoe attack is underwhelming. But you want to stand a chance against Lianna? Or those beefy Green slime throwing attacks? Agwe gives you a better chance of surviving to make your attack.

That’s his skill at least once special has been fired he’s done damage and and get a defence against nature! Handy Against nature stacks! It’s a purpose!
Goes into ghost mode can’t get hurt but does good damage if there’s tiles on the board not so handy!
Maybe there is family connection to using her better I got her, danza chocin and namage only thing really is extra mana speed and danza if he hits it the mana boost but only mana in normal form! Not to sure on the other heros in that family and what they can do did see someone posting about a team earlier!

Maybe he adds some protection but in my opinion it’s not worth sacrificing damage. You can use battle items or any other defense buffer. Wilbur is excellent against green titan thanks to +def to your team and -def to titan. Agwe is pretty much useless.

I started levelling Ameonna in the hopes that she’d be a meat shield for the Sakura Family and for the mana bonus. Meh… not worth it for that reason. However, while using her in wars, its kind of nice watching the enemies try to snipe her in ghost mode, and watch all the riposte damage fail to hit me as i slowly work down their heroes. Its a pleasure to watch Titans waste their attack on her. Is she always in my roster? no. but she still hurts alot in war, and not a bad hero to max.


I am saving both Agwe and Ameonna for stacking. As by themselves in a rainbow team, they’re meh.

I’m saving Agwe to put him in the Hero Academy when it’s released.
I have many more better blue options for stacking: Kiril,Boril, Grimm, Valeria, Sonya, Triton and I even don’t mention 5*s.

Most heroes in a rainbow attack team are meh. Can’t remember last time used rainbow. Stacking is the goods if you want to do big damage

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Ghost girl has posed no threat in any raid I’ve seen her in and I can’t think of a real use for Agwe.

Yes, Ameonna is a sample the worst hero at defense, just like Margaret. But Ameonna in ofense is great and shine because we control the ghost and opponent can not ghost tile.


I leveled and tossed a few emblems on ghosty for titans and war bench. I maxed agwe, but haven’t used him even once. Maybe someday.

Exactly. If you put Ameonna on a defense team…



Like many others, I am using her (maxed) primarily for her tile damage against titans, though I am still having trouble getting the timing for her special skill exactly right. She sometimes make the field in war, and she has value there. I think I’m under-utilizing her there. As has been pointed out, she guarantees an extra four turns of survival and can also occasionally absorb a full sniper shot with zero impact to the team.


I have long held leveling him and recently decided to do a second Kiril instead of Agwe. I may re-evaluate that at 3.60, but find it likely I’ll just proceed with Kiril. I have trouble seeing a spot for Agwe, though I will admit he vexed me in the recent four start rush raid tournament. I could see him having some value there, and possibly even buff booster, even though he’s not a defensive stalwart.

It’s also hard to see how he’d add value in Cleric Trials, especially the ones with Druids; green enemies are so rampant that stacking blue isn’t really a great play.


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