Agwe and Ghost - what are they for? Both seem totally worthless

I was wondering what Agwe and Ghost can be used for as I see them totally worthless.

Agwe’s special (+54% def against nature) suggests that it should be used as a tank, but it’s defense and HP are way too low for a tank. It can’t be used against green titan as well, as you rather don`t take blue against green titans. Taking it to attack team gives pretty much nothing as well, as good old Kiril is like 100x better as Blue.

Why did they change the special from beta when this hero had “-54% defense against nature” which would make him useable against blue titan and great in attack team? From a really good hero in beta, it became a totally worthless piece of cr…

I have got the same concern regarding the Ghost. The only situation I can see this hero can be used is against yellow titan. But it’s low defense can make it difficult to use it against 8* titans. On top of that this hero can’t be healed during ghost mode which make it pretty much worthless on defense, as your healer will probably start healing while Ghost is in Ghost mode… It would be an amazing tank (even considering it`s low defense) if it could be healed during ghost mode, or if it had full HP back after ghost mode is finished. Without healing ability, this hero is pretty much worthless to me.

They have made some heroes way OP, like Wilbur, Triton or Proteus and some just a total piece of sh… like those 2 I mentioned above. WHY??? Shouldn`t we have some kind of ballance between heroes???

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Regarding Agwe, his +54% def against nature applies to all green enemies (monsters, heroes, and titans). Since a titan’s attack is not an elemental attack (search “elemental damage” in the forum to find a reference on the issue), Agwe’s defense buff is much better than Kiril’s when facing a green titan and Agwe will take a green titan’s hit almost as well as Kiril or any hero of a different color with similar defnse/HP stats. And Agwe will hit (a little bit) the green titan, while Kiril will not. So one could consider Agwe against a green titan instead of Kiril, if one needs a defense buff. Agwe can also be practical when farming levels with lots of green monsters. So he is not the best hero, but an OK hero with niche applications.

Regarding Ameonna, the point of her special is, I think, to set up a cascade of purple tiles, or hitting a purple diamond with lots of purple tiles on the board, while she is in Ghost form, in order to benefit from her +85% normal attack and her insanely high attack stat. In that time, she cannot be hit and, as you mentioned, cannot be healed unfortunately. She’s fast, so she should be able to go off at least once in a titan or raid attack, and she is great for stacking (works after she’s dead). As far as defense, she’s not the best because of her low defense and medium health, and she cannot attack in her Ghost form), so her special simply makes her take a break from the fight. So all in all, a pretty good hero with again niche applications.


…But you don’t bring blue heroes to green Titans, do you? I’m having trouble figuring out where agwe is useful. He must be made for tanking.

The ghost special appears to be useful in my opinion as guy described

It depends. If I am facing a green titan with defense debuff, I may bring Kiril to buff my defense back up and heal a bit. Even if blue tiles will not do much damage, a blue hero’s special may be useful against a green titan. And it depends on the heroes you have at your disposal. So I wouldn’t dismiss the idea off hand.


With the heroes I have, kiril pretty much comes everywhere with me. Titans of all colour just because of his special. As a stand alone when stacking he won’t make much difference if you still have 2 or 3 heroes. Of which ever colour you want.

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But Kiril is a different story. He is useful for me even against Green Titans. I came across some information that players were asking to remove Agwe’s -54% in beta. I wonder who the f… was so stupid to ask to nerf a great hero in beta to a piece of cr… now???


Has Agwe become invaluable because he is cleric class and used in two trials?

Want to bump this again because I’m working on Agwe and Amoeba the friendly ghost while I await 5* mats.

Amoena looks fun and quirky, albeit a little impractical for serious fights.

But Agwe just looks broken. Apart from being an anti-green 4* tank, for which I have no purpose, does he have any value?

I will use him in a blue stack because his attack is higher than Boril’s.

Anyone else found a use for him?

Can he be a star fish, or just a load of pollocks?


I took Agwe to 3.60 precisely for use in the class trials. I could have leveled Boril instead, but I was already leveling Cyprian for Paladin class coverage, and couldn’t see needing two similar 4* heroes at this point.

I like him for farming 8-7, but it will be a while before he sees a warm cloak.

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I don’t dislike Ameonna, but i do think Agwe is pretty useless.

With Kiril, Grimm and Triton… i don’t really see a reason to considering Agwe.

Even Boril and Sonya are more useful.


Agwe for certain epic challenge events, where a blue damage all could be good. Amoenna is an important part of my war teams. I use her for attacks to opponent who are far above me in all out dark team. If you get her to fire her Spezial, you have 4 turns in which you can’t be beat, even if all other heroes die in that time, you can still win for having 4 turns to knock them out with tiles. She saved my … multiple times, i leveled her only for that reason and most of the time she pays me back🙂


Raids, wars, fast killing 8/7 autofarm teams are where Agwe gets use for me. Admittedly he’s been pretty much phased out on raids from where I was using him. But still gets in most wars as a 3/60. I typically make a 4 lagoon team 3/2 blue purple or blue green using Misandra and Gato for other blues. Really helpful if you aren’t 30 teams deep in 3/70,4/70, or 4/80s. Really helpful on color stacked red tanks in a war, but only useful as a team member.

Agwe has got some miles on him in my roster


Have pulled quite a few, and fed a few, but kept one… Haven’t thought of levelling Agwe yet, but now that I have Frida, I was thinking of playing around with both in a mono or 3/2 team. Guess Frida’s +46% Elemental Link would stack with his +54% defense against Nature.

Not sure where I’d use the combo… Maybe against GMs flanked by two green (e.g. Zeline and Lianna)

Ameonna is cool, but seems to be not very useful, except for titans and in wars to stack. If she was able to receive mana in ghost mode, she’d be a star.

Agwe is very cool, since his shield will cascade with general def buffs.

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That’s true, but I think it has very narrow application because I wouldn’t normally take blue against green enemies.

Unless it’s a class quest, I think if I was taking blue against green, it would be Kirill every time.

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Agwe is for me a useless hero. Yes, everything can add to a stack, but that doesn’t really say anything meaningful about a hero.

Ameonna on the other hand, is a strange little diamond. She has saved me in aw battles more than once. It seems to me that the ai likes to target her, especially when she’s in ghost form.


As Agwe is my first 4* of any color, i will happily feed the little monster until it is sated. Karil was good while it lasted, but a 4* beats a 3* any day.
F2p take and appreciate what is offered


Agwe is good and he does damage to all enemies and his special actually is better than Onatel when she’s fire and she’s 5* so I got him now from Atlantis Gate and I’m going to level up as well and my Onatel is 3/70 wait for another 2 poison darț but eaven like that Agwe special is better than Onatel

Second 4* sorcerer

Ameonna suffers from 4* purple syndrome- there are so many ahead of her ( see Notes )

I keep leveling Ameonna, then stopping to level a new purple 4* hero ( Sabina for class quests then Proteus for challenge event emblems)

Surprise, attack

Ameonna is weak in a rainbow team because Ghost form is a boss based mechanic.

She really shines in a double purple, or triple purple, attack teams. She can be a lot of fun in war. She rocks versus reflect damage enemies and enemy snipers.

Like Wu Kong, and Guardian Jackal, Ameonna is not a very good defense hero.



you don’t have to take blue. if you are fighting green and all your heroes have +54% defence over green, whatever color they are, it seems pretty good to me.

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