Agreed definition of a 'Good Board'

I keep seeing threads that say words to the following effect:

With a good board you can beat anyone.

"Guin punishes raiders with bad or below average boards.’’

"Aeron is better than Kunchen because if the raider gets an average board Aeron still gives them a tough time, whereas Kunchen is too slow and needs a below average board to be a good tank, especially since many have Jackal.

But what does a’ good’ or ‘bad’ board mean exactly?

If I can make a diamond of the anti-tank colour surely that’s an excellent rather than a good board?

How many tiles of the anti-tank colour are required for a ‘Good board’? Or is it not necessarily about the anti-tank colour but the board as a whole?

Does an ‘average board’ mean the colours are balanced?

Would appreciate everyone’s thoughts. Thanks

I have to argue that you could probably ask 20 people that question and get 20 different answers. This being said I think the question is even more broad as sometimes the first set of backup tiles can make a good board worse or alternatively make a bad board better.

For me a good board is one where I have more than 3 possible moves and don’t get stuck with a one move per turn scenario where I can only feed the tank mana at which point, it becomes dicey for me from a raiding perspective.

I hope my answer makes some sense and I look forward to hearing other voices on the matter.


When assessing the quality of the board and planning my likely first moves (by which I mean my actual first move and the area of the board I’ll be working in), I am concerned predominately with two things.

  1. How many of my strong tiles I have on the board.
  2. How many tiles I can clear in a single move from the middle three columns.

Obviously other things matter, like where my strong tiles are, if my secondary stack is also well-represented, and the location of those tiles, but the first two factors are so important in my mind that everything else ranges from not Pareto to irrelevant.


Yes I agree with this and well put @IvyTheTerrible! But sometimes for me it’s how many tiles can I clear in a single move anywhere on the board because I just want any of my heroes’ specials to be ready to fire

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For me a good board is when I actually get tile sets to choose from which give me options of which ones to use whether those options be right or wrong moves.

A bad board for me is when I get only 1 option (tile set) (which is usually placed in favour of the opponent ) for a number of continuous boards never giving me a chance to gain mana or do damage and all you can do is watch yourself get slaughtered because the boards don’t allow you a chance to defend yourself.

But I can usually guess whether I am going to lose or win based on the first 2 to 3 boards though.

Lets face it and be honest, there is nothing strategic about playing a game that is suppose to be hero against hero when the boards are in either players favour which then only boils down to luck and chance.



  • Lots of tiles/matches favorable to me
  • …especially in the center
  • …preferably with cascades that charge my heroes
  • …and not my enemies so much


  • Few tiles/matches in my favor
  • …especially in the center
  • …few or no cascades
  • …unless said cascade charges my enemy and they kill me

A good board is one which allows you enough matches to kill the tank and or additional heroes before the tank fires and without taking significant damage to your team.

The actual numbers and total tiles vary per team and the best teams reduce the number of tiles needed to accomplish this.

An average board is one which allows you to kill the tank and or other heroes but not until after it/they fire, leaving your team with damage but either all heroes alive or at least even in number w the enemy.

A bad board is one that leaves you at a numerical disadvantage, the enemy tank mostly likely alive and fired and recharging while and you have 4 or less damaged heroes.

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I like this proviso, thanks. Curious to see how many tiles that is exactly if we set a few baseline parameters.

Eg let’s say we have Richard or Justice as tank. No emblems to make it easier.

How many green and purple tiles respectively are required to kill the tank in 1) a rainbow raid setup and 2) a double stack setup if the raider is allowed to choose the heroes with the highest attack stat?

@Garanwyn or any other number crunchers? :joy:

These would be bad board examples

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A ‘Good Board’ is one that allows me to fire the first of my team’s specials before the enemy.

Literally, that’s it. If I can fire first, I usually win. :slight_smile:


Funny you should say that. I have been experimenting with 5 colour stack teams against the tank and have actually come across Justice as the tank taking in 5 red opponents.

A full set/row (meaning 6 tiles) of red tiles directly under her will bring her down in one hit but not always (read comments below). Other tile sets placed differently range at around 9 red tiles to bring her down, of cause that’s considering she doesn’t get recharged.

As I have a number of red heros and trying different full red teams I also found that the amount of damage can varies based on which red heros I am using at the time. Meaning I have come across her where 6 red tiles only did about 3/4 damage as well.

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It’s the same difficulty irrespective of the actual stat value.

Rainbow on-color tiles

Well, the highest attack stat green is Tarlak, at 824. I love Tarlak for raids, but I doubt I’d take him as my sole anti-tank hero.

Likewise for the highest purple, GP, at 786.

That said, Tarlak v Richard:

Tiles are 56 damage each (67*(824/(817*1.2))^1.35)

Tiles to death = 1260/56 = ceiling(22.5) = 23 tiles

GP vs Justice:

Tiles hit for 56 damage each (67*(786/(776*1.2))^1.35)

Tiles to death = 1425/56 = ceiling(25.4) = 26 tiles

IE not going to happen.

“Double stack” tiles

By “A double stack,” do you mean 3-2?

If so…

Vs Richard:

Tiles are 167 damage, for a ceiling(7.5) = 8 tile kill

Vs. Justice:

Tiles are 160 damage, for a ceiling(8.4) = 9 tile kill

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I kill every tank in the game in 3 tiles except a +7 and higher Santa/Aegir and probably North and Kunchen. +7 Guin goes down in 3.

I run Mono, obviously.

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To me in raids you have a good board when you would be able to kill the tank before the defending heroes would blast you with specials.

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Yes and thank you @Garanwyn. Any setup with two anti tank colours.

I was going to ask you to do the same calc but with an anti tank 5* hero with the worst attack stat but given that the highest attack stat already produces discouraging results for a lone anti-tank setup I decided not to ask :joy:

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I define a good board as when it lights up like the 1st of July :smile:

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I would not classify the 1st board as a bad board at all. It is not good for your one color no, but there are matches and combos to be made everywhere potentially cascading into massive green. You have options. Mono will have many “bad” boards that If even running 4-1 aren’t bad.

The worst boards to me are as stated above, the first 3 or 4 moves provide little to no option as only 1 is available. Even if some on color having only 1 option and no cascades with everything spread is the most frustrating board. Matches everywhere in 3 other colors Is a rough board for me, but I don’t consider those terrible as using the other color heroes would have made it a very good board. 1 move even rainbow is in trouble!

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