They recently revised the gem rate for reset.

I think it is 18 gems per reset.

No, I don’t think so. Since one can buy a reset for 75 gems, those reset tokens are only a nice goodie, but not necessary.

Take Cheshire, Proteus and 3 yellows (eg Gretel, Danza, Chao) against that fat monkey to change his position and to prevent him from charging. Imo he can be controlled even by classed epics.

Per reset or per node?

Per reset if I am not mistaken.

It has been 100% for me on a sample of 4. But I’m hearing that this may not be generally the case…

Reset emblems too dang low

To early to tell.

I either get a lot of emblems or a reset emblem.

You have 100% war wins, how have yours been?

Gem Reset

It gets weird.

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I’m thinking BT is a must for emblems, basically turns him into a 5* avg. speed healer. I have multiple teams and just reset Magni (3) to give them to BT on the one I hadn’t done that earlier.

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That would be very consistent with the sort of way the loot tables work in the Raid Tournament.

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The last one was horrible (i post it in the war chest tracking thread).

So far i had 2 reset tokens from there (out of 4 or 5 chests?), and 1 i already use it.

Definetely a very rare resource, not for the drop rates but because it is ONLY from war chest.


Well if it is only from war chests, then there is a bug either in the item description or in how the drop is calculated. The item details says “wanted Mission, Rare Titan Battles and Alliance War Chest”.

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This would not be the first emblem tooltip bug. I’ve only heard one third-party anecdote about a reset emblem from a non-war-chest source, and third-party anecdotes are pretty sketchy.

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I popped two war chests and still haven’t gotten any reset emblems personally.

I think there may be a chance to get reset emblems from other sources, but the chances of getting one is so low it rarely happens.

Take, for example, the odds of getting a Damascus blade from a wanted chest. I got one. Once. In 8 months.

If reset emblems qualify as a 4* material, and the chance of getting a 4* material from a wanted chest are so low. Coupled with getting that specific 4* material. Coupled with it happening to a forum user.

I hope you see where I am going. If the values of those factors are known, this sounds like a job for @Garanwyn.

We know far too little about the drop rates to feel really confident in any particular conclusion.

That said, lots of people have reported Damascus Blades from wanted chests. Even though they’re improbable, enough of us are doing enough chests that they turn up.

If reset emblems are in places other than war chests, the effective drop rate is zero. If it weren’t, I’d have expected other people to chime in somewhere with a first-hand report.

Correction, the more nodes you have the higher the cost for reset.

5 nodes on a 5* is 31 gems.
3 nodes on a 5* is 18 gems.

My guess is that the side nodes (50 emblems) - cost 6 gems each
The central nodes (65 emblems) - 6.5 gems each


Just got one of those meatloafs @talentLvL2 with Gravey and Delilah on his flanks. Gregor and Khiona were on the wings. Everyone with talents @ 2 or 3 and about 600 stronger than my team of epics and non maxed legendaries. Was a weird raid due to my Danza +9 and Inari. Proteus +9 is lil Hel.

@Razor, I appreciate this thoughtful and insightful thread. You are not the only one who suspects that classed four star heroes may gain on five star heroes in the short term, since they can unlock more nodes in the talent grid more quickly. After reflecting on it for a long time (what…three months now?), I have finally decided to class a few of my four stars in order to take advantage of, or at least be on par with, this shift in the hero base.

If you haven’t seen it, this thread may be worth checking out. OP makes some points similar to yours, though in a different way. Some of that thread goes off the rails a bit, but there’s some interesting and insightful discussion there as well.

My experience thus far… My LEGENDS classed at 1 - no issues with LEGENDS classed higher (there is only one that has proven to be very different and that is BW @ cls3 so exluding him), still kick their A and I even bring Boldtusk to the table at cls7). My approach class all Legends at 1, bring up the good Epics to cls7. I’ll reset in the future when the sides tip to the Legends. So far, so good…

@IvyTheTerrible @Olmor @AirHawk @Garanwyn @Rushfan1974 @General_Confusion @Gryphonknight @Decorum @DoctorStrange @FraVit93

Here is a recent 5 for 5 against the higher classed Legends… As I suspected… The first battle looks scary (Pers - didn’t know you could take it so hard!!), the rest pretty much cake walk (well to me)…

This also shows my 1 classed D, doing great against the classed Legends… Yes team compilation plays a big part in the success guys.


And to clarify on this, Epics classed to level 7 is just phase 1 of my plans. I will be taking many key Epics higher and likely all the way - OVER TIME…

@IvyTheTerrible @Olmor @AirHawk @Garanwyn @Rushfan1974 @General_Confusion @Gryphonknight @Decorum @DoctorStrange @FraVit93

I will spot check regularly with massive raids (which I do regularly about 75% just for TESTING on my part) to see who works really well and which Legends being higher classed truly are at a level above or not, because they wont all be I guarantee that (just in my existing testing that is very clear to me).


Recent RAID attackers… whose on these teams that just couldn’t and wouldn’t be prior to v19???

@IvyTheTerrible @Olmor @AirHawk @Garanwyn @Rushfan1974 @General_Confusion @Gryphonknight @Decorum @DoctorStrange @FraVit93


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