Against better judgement

So, I was hesitant on spending the gems for pulling 10 holy heroes, but I went ahead and dropped the 2600 gems anyway. Much to my surprise, not only did get skunked on a five star hero, I got five!! Yes, five Gan Ju’s and 3 friggen Kailani’s. Topped off with a Bane and a Dawa! Last time I get flipping duped into spending real cash on this game as much as I enjoy playing it. Grrrr!!! Lesson learned. Anyone else get screwed over like that?


Never spent money on the game, so I wouldn’t know. Sorry you didn’t get what you wanted.

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Try indovidual summons vs 10/2600. You might get lucky and get something valuable and can stop spendfing gems. You can still get a bonus summons with individual pulls and your still subject to duplicates.

I commented a longer response on another thread earlier today. I’m going to try to sum it up here.

There are internal odds of getting a 5*, 4* and 3* Hero. For simplicity sake, let’s say 50% for 3*, 30% for 4*, and 20% for 5*.

If you roll a 100 sided die, the chances it’ll fall in the 3* are more likely than the other two. It’s all about the odds. You can’t walk in a casino and expect to win every time. Casinos wouldn’t be in business that way. You go in, try to place the odds in your favor the best you can and take a risk.

This same theory applies to rolling for heroes. Sometimes you’ll pull nothing. Others you’ll pull a little something. And sometimes you’ll hit the jackpot. And I’ve hit them all. I’ve pulled 10-3s in a single 10x pull and I’ve pulled 4-5 in a single 10x pull. It’s all a gamble, a roll of the dice.

Hope that helps.


20.000 gems to get only 1 five star hero that i probably never use.

So… Uhm… Yes.


Ouch, that was unlucky! Pulling a 5* on a 10x is on about a 25% chance, but pulling 10 3* has only about 5% odds (assuming 75% odds of a 3* per pull).

Yes I get that this is a gamble and all but every other game that has this system also has an option to buy a hero that they want

I wouldn’t mind spending 5k gems on a 5 star, and yes that would be fair since only about 1-2% of the people that play this game pay

A 5* is lower than a 5% chance per pull. If i recall correctly its more around the 2-3% chance.

To clarify my earlier post, the odds of getting at least one 5* hero from 10 elemental summons is about 25%, asssuming the odds per pull are about 3%.

You know more about odds than i do! What’re the odds of not pulling a 5* in 30 pulls? Because that’s where I was a month ago.

I strongly suspect that the frequency for a 5* (not including the HOTM) is 2.5%. HOTM frequency I think is about 5% but that’s just on limited data.

Not sure on 4* but it’s probably on the order of 27.5 or 37.5 at most and the rest is 3*.

If you’re rolling hard and buying offers you get rainbow 5* 80’s at around the six month mark; if you are F2P, expect that to take on the order of a year. Money just accelerates progression, and yeah, sometimes with the RNG one gets hosed but in general the more you spend the faster you progress… but with the exception of troops you don’t wind up anywhere different in the end except ostensibly less hero selection since HOTM’s and event heroes are summons only… but given all the best single hitters in the game are all normal 5*'s it’s not really a big deal.

It’s not 25%, the chances don’t stack

The chances of pulling a 5 star in an elemental x10 pull is still 3%

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If think @Kerridoc is right, the easiest and correct way to calculate the chances of pulling at least one 5* in a 10x pull is calculated as follows:

Assuming that the chance of a 5* is 3% in a single pull, that means the chances of not pulling a 5* is 97% or 0.97. The chance of not pulling a 5* in 10 pulls is therefore 0.97^10 = 0.75 (rounded, corresponds to 75%) . This means that the chance of pulling at least one 5* is 1 - 0.97^10 = 0.25 (or 25%).

@2Spookd following the same logic, the chance of not pulling a 5* in 30 pulls is 40%.

25% out of 1000

If you multiply times 10 you need to do it to both sides

As I said the chances don’t stack so every pull is the same exact chance to pull a 5 star

Probabilty doesn’t work like that; agreed they are independent events which means a simple multiplication is all that’s needed.

(.975)^10 is correct for calculating the probability of not pulling a 5*, and then it’s simply 1 - (that) to the probability of pulling at least one 5*.

~22.4%, and that’s about right with anecdotal evidence on 10 pulls for normal 5*.

To be fair I’m pretty good at math, but Probability makes my head hurt.

You’re simply wrong, or you don’t understand what we’re saying. You’re correct that the odds of getting a 5* on the second roll is, say, 3%, and the odds of getting a 5* on the third roll is also 3%, and so on. But the odds of failing to roll a 5* on any of three rolls is calaculated as (100%-3%)^3.

O ok

This got me confused my bad

I seriously feel your pain. I’ve had this happen too, but I’ve also had 10 x draws where I’ve gotten two 5 stars and 3 bonus draws. It is random and there is always a chance that you will blank. The same goes for the chance of increasing the power (*/8 on each hero) when training them. I put enough 3 and 4 stars in a training to give me a 96% chance of raising the power once and it did not go up. In frustration I fed it a single 1 star right afterward, because I was pissed. I think that’s like a 2% chance of raising the power and it went up. It’s random and there is always a chance of failing.


All this math hurts my head


Yes I’ve gotten screwed on 10 pulls more than once.

I’ve also done a 10 pull in purple and gotten Sartana, Quintus, Obakan, and Rigard.

Then I did a 10 pull and got Joon.

Did a 10 pull in blue and got Sonya, Boril, and Kiril.

I also did a 10 pull during the Guardians event and got Falcon, Jackal, and Owl.

My last 10 pull netted Vivica, but I doubt she’s going to displace Joon.

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