Again: Zero point War-Bug

Hello there, we thought that after bugfixing the delilah issue that those zero point bugs were over but in fact we have more trouble since the release of redhood then before. One of our Members was a victim of it 5 times now in the last 2 months. Killed a team got no points, attacks a team game crashes, heroes locked and energy wasted. After 3 support tickets and another one he will write for the case today we get and especially he gets exhausted and frustrated. One can replace a new team but we cannot replace one of our best players teams. So yeah again we will miss out around 90 points. Pls fix this issue and find a solution for crashes in war like a reconnect feature or something like that.

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I experienced this same big today when my phone crashed during a battle I had almost finished.

I returned to zero points, opponent at full strength, and having lost a war energy.

Hit in the war. Got him to 1 character left and lost however got 0 for my hit lost my energy but yet the guy has all is people alive.

I went to two groups and I did not get any of my points

I went to war with to groups and I did not get any of my points

I had similar story. I won a battle, got no points, lost war energy and the most powerful team is locked for another attack. Meanwhile enemy is safe and healthy.

A mi me ha pasado, terminar de atacar a un rival en guerra y salir del combate, aparecer como que estaba atacando y contabilizar 0 puntos. Me gustaria que solucionaran este problema de una vez y restablecieran los puntos para mi equipo.

Have just had this as well. Took a team completely out. Got a message saying “Your request could not be completed”. But it took my hit and took my heroes, leaving opponent untouched. SO frustrating!

Hi I was just in war and I attached a guy and won and got no points for it. I lost a flag as well. I’m pretty frustrated.

if you say that phone crashed it’s your phones fault…

if the app crashed then it’s a different story…

Closing due to old age of thread. For new issues, please see: 📵 Disconnected During War Attack / Network Connection Problem Caused Lost Attack, Flag, and Heroes in AW / Scored 0 Points on War Hit Due to Dropped Server Connection / Game Crashed and I lost my War Hit [MASTER]

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