Again strengthened the Titans


Again, during the renovation, the titans intensified, where is written about these changes?
The number of points obtained after the murder of titanium decreased, the developers did not write about it. Now, for the second time, fortify the Titans, where the blue titan 10 * kills the monkey with 1 blow, did not kill before (hit for 3/4 of life)
When will such changes be recorded in the update information?


do you really think we’ve raised the level of the titans?


I killed a lot of Titans 10 *, I see the difference, the alliance players see the same thing
they became stronger


in our alliance we noticed something like this about a month ago. now we are from December 26 that we pull down 18 titans 10 stars in a row … And it does not seem to have been further changed from 1 month ago… alliance ribelli supremi


How many Titans we have 10 * I do not know, the alliance Aggressive
But it was noticed not only by our alliance


Since the last update we have begun to kill 9* Titans. We never had before. I don’t think this proves anything.


I do not know how it’s down there. I’m talking about the Titans 10 *


i think they reduced the rewards of the titan and the rewards of the chests… can anybody confirm this?


When? It hasn’t changed for me; lots of blah, brightened by SUDDEN GLORY! :grin:


loot did not change, in this I am sure


So you think they may have strengthened Titans at some levels, but not others?


There are different levels to 10* titans.

A kraken at 3234000 HP is different than whatever the entry level one is which I think is around 2.8M; I think there’s roughly 4 HP classes, 2.8, 2.97, 3.13? and 3.234M.

To my knowledge everything goes up, defense and attack values too with the additional HP. I’m pretty sure that my Wu has lived through an undebuffed hit but I don’t know what troop was on him at the time… I will check that on my next Kraken.

Also that’s another thing to check, which troop you had on.

It’s not quite as simple as to say they all got harder… that doesn’t bear out in the 7dd damage lists; actually there’s been a small but noticable decrease in difficulty as the changes have been made in my experience with the Athena nerfs and then the defense debuff change; however, this is hard to quantify as our damage went down too.


I have a recent sample list of Titan hp that I never got around to posting. Must dig it out