Again... Revenge not possible due to different Paa version - BEFORE AND AFTER UPDATE!


Again! so annoying!! Get this sorted, please!!
BEFORE update “Revenge not available due to a different app version” - AFTER UPDATE: EXACTLY THE SAME!!! No revenge possible DUE TO DIFFERENT APP VERSION! **SURPRISE!**Get this ■■■■ bug sorted! Thanks!


Next time you can do all possible revenges at old version and then update to the newer one.


Nope!! I tried! IT WAS NOT POSSIBLE before and NOT possible after the update!! DID YOU READ my post at all??


You did it wrong. Sorry for you. Next time do it right.


If you’re that passionate about it, I’d suggest voting here so that, hopefully, SG will take note and do something similar to raids as they do for AW.


Good idea, Kelz, thanks a lot! I was not aware of this voting possibility - how can I do this and how can I start my own poll eventually, just in case Inmay come up with a good idea for something?
Thanks again! :slightly_smiling_face:That’s actually helpful! :+1:t2:


You still didn’t read the text properly. Or you may don’t want to understand it.
To give some more background: It’s very unlikely that all members of two alliances were (or still are) too stupid to “do it correctly” - so you may want to consider the possibility of being wrong yourself.


You’re very welcome!

Follow the link and click on the Vote button at the top left corner. I’m still fairly new to the forums so @JonahTheBard, @Rook or @Dante2377 maybe able to help :slightly_smiling_face:.


Thanks again, Kelz! Very helpful! :blush::slightly_smiling_face:
Just noticed - I don’t see a vote button… :thinking:
Is this available for all users?


To vote see the screenshot (my apologies if I confused you more)


Thanks a lot, Kelz! Just found it a minute ago - but there may be others overlooking it just like I did - so thanks for the screenshot! :+1:t2::blush:


Pleased I could help…I learnt a few things along the way too :grin::nerd_face:


I’d rather devs didn’t waste time on this. Cups don’t matter anyway and it’s a transient thing that resolves itself after a day or so. Plenty of other people to raid in the meantime.


To quote the famous bard: much ado about nothing


No, i did all the revenges in old version before update and then i did the other ones. That way i didn’t have your problem. Next time try it. You’ll see it’s the right way.


I had similar situation what topic author has. I was not on newest version because iOS updates are coming bit later. Wanted to revenge and couldn’t. Ok new update was available, I updated app and tried to revenge again - couldn’t.

Question is, how it is possible? Teams were using older version in first place? If yes then how they were able to attack me?


So maybe it’s an IOS bug. I don’t have this problem in Android. Always i make all revenges possible in older version and then i update.

Sorry @Carascon


Hard to say. There are plenty strange things going on in this game.


It’s a new level of SG bug - SO annoying and senseless!!
Got raided AFTER the update - so the opponents could attack me - but I was only able to take revenge on 1 out of 4!! MEANING I COULD NOT TAKE REVENGE AFTER THE UPDATE EVEN THOUGH THEY COULD ATTACK ME AFTER THE UPDATE!
A whole new level of bug and frustration, SG!