Again no wars this weekend?

Last preparation starts more sooner on the last war. It’s already 17 o’clock in Germany and the war says is starting soon. No war this weekend?

it’s usually been noon saturday central time or in about 40 mins.

They announced some changes to AW; one of which probably is going to need a patch which takes some time to populate in the stores.

I’d be A-OK with their canceling this war to focus on fixing the exploit and maybe, if we’re lucky, doing something different with the matchmaking.


today is friday, did you mean that the prep phase begins in about 40 minutes (ie on friday) and the war begins saturday, or the prep phase begins saturday and you forgot what day it is? :smiley:

Prep just started but I’m in spectator mode. Can’t see any of my teammates on the field and I can’t set a defense. Anyone else have the same issue?


The same here. Maybe we should wait a little and everything will be sorted out.

i’d meant in the past it has started on saturday with prep on friday.

Oui. En france meme probleme.

Yes the same problem in france

I will confirm the times week day and week end wars are to start at a later date and post in a new thread. For up to date information, regarding the spectator status during war prep phase, you can keep an eye on this thread.

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