Again ascension Question: Green and Red

Guys, I need your advice again. Had a topic on Yunan ascension and conclusion was to hold on. Then LotL joined my army and also following community’s advice, I wanted to give them to her… However, Kingston was around the corner, and I thought, do not hurry, these tonics are hard to get…Then, with the first pulls on Pirates, no useful pirate showed up, but Kingston instead…

Now, a decision must be made, who shall receive the tonics. Worth mentioning, as it may influence the decision: my first red 5 star final ascension is also close. And with Marjana popping up and competing with Red Hood, this may impact the green decision as well.

The relevant 4 stars are all available in maxed status.

For 5 stars:

Guinevere +6
Rana +1
Inari 3-70 (shall receive next set of darts, 4 in stock)
Leonidas 1-somehting, not really in use
Ranvir 2-something, not really in use

Seshat +3
Mok-Ar 1-1 (lurking at the 6 tabards in stock… but not getting them)

King Arthur +3
Ariel 3-70 → shall receive next set of scopes (4 in stock)
Richard 3-70
Miki 3-70

Kingston rising, should be 3-70 soon
LotL 3-70
Yunan 3-70
Margaret 1-1 (no intention to level)

Red Hood 3-70
Marjana started to level up

So who shall get tonics and who shall get rings?

My thoughts:

LotL gives nice family bonus with Guin and Arthur, the minions can be fatal…
LotL will make events and bosses much easier and reduce the need for items…
LotL can receive 250+ Emblems, Fighter Emblems are with Boldtusk
Hitter is basically needed, Ariel will be next blue ( 2 scopes missing, Miki on 3-70 sufficient at the moment for 6-8 star titans we face in our alliance)
Marjana cannot receive emblems, all going to Jackal, unemblemed Marjana for me is not such a big threat, therefore I tend to Red Hood here
Not sure, but the more rational thing to me seems Kingston and Red Hood, but I also like LotL very much…

What would you do?
Which green, which red? and if Kingston would rip the emblems off of Boldtusk?

Defense not such important, my current defense holds well… more focus on raids, tournaments, AW, events, titans…

Kingston would be my choice for a first green 5*

Personally I think it’s a toss-up between Marjana and Red Hood. I like Marjana for her DoT, though her snipe is weak, the burn helps kill off wing heroes like Alberich without having to rely on tiles showing up under them. Red Hood is mostly support, her skill isn’t very strong but the foxes are very helpful at keeping your team healthy and surviving lethal sniper skills.

I have both Kingston and LotL and I’m literally borderline obsessed with LotL. she’s stellar on offense and event bosses, but I would never use her on Defense…that said, I’d give the tonics to Kingston first. He’s more versatile and if you need a hitter he’s the best option. Plus you have Ariel coming up next which is debatably the best healer in the game (my personal fave) and Guin currently, which is top 3 tanks in the game. And I’d say reset BT, you can keep +1 on him just for the revive, but give the rest of the emblems to Kingston esp if you plan to put him on your D team.

As for Red Hood I don’t have her, but I maxed Marjana and she’s great with DOT for people in the wing that’s not easy to get to, esp Alby. I’m embleming Jackal as well but I did stop just to unlock +1 so Marjana can dodge, and I think that she can hold her own at +1 until you finish Jackal. On the flip, as it’s been said Red Hood is a great support hero and one of the best minion heroes in the game (top 3 in my opinion), so you really can’t go wrong either way.

So, seems rather Kingston then… Although, Defense is not a topic and the knights are my favourite event and heroes from design perspective. I only used lotl for some Test farming, Not in Pirates event as I assumed she would be too squishy. Is she usable at 3-70 for Events?
For red ist is also hard to decide but I think if it will be Kingston, in consequence it will be red hood. She brings then perhaps somewhat more for events, too.
Some further thoughts or experiences from someone?

Red Hood helped me greatly in Legendary for Avalon, since her foxes prevent mana reductions. For stage 15 this was particularly useful, against the Lady of the Lake + Guinevere bosses. Consequently she is also a great counter to the aforementioned heroes in raids.

She’s only good for clearing the events though, not for high scores. As I said earlier, her skill damage is very weak, so she’s really mostly a support hero. Furthermore, her foxes healing animation takes a while to finish, which wastes precious seconds (important for titan fights too).

I can’t comment on 3.70 Lady of the Lake as I didn’t get her.