[]Aftermath[] is recruiting!

Hey! You! Yes, you! Are you a mid-tier player looking to grow stronger? Beginner looking for some support as you move up? Vet looking for a good group? Check out Aftermath

We recently changed leadership and are currently looking for players who are committed to the game and improvement but beyond the usual asks of using all of your titan hits and using all war flags, if participating, (war is optional), we are a pretty laid back and group. We have a strong core of players and are all supportive of each other. Some of our members include:

-Santos and Adrian, family members from Spain.
-Mastablasta and ScorpieFPN, our leaders who are also husband and wife.
-Not Fishy, frequent war high score who has an insane defense of costume Rigard, costume Isarnia, Garnet, costume Kadilen and Poseidon, with costume Magni and Bera on the way
-Grayble (that’s me!), regular titan A+ scorer, raider of teams well above my team power, and leader of our optional Discord channel.

We welcome all levels, but are especially looking for committed mid-tier players between levels 20-50 who are eager to learn and grow stronger together. Currently we have 19/30 capacity and are defeating 7-8 star titans, having slain a rare 8 star yellow over the weekend. If you are looking for a good group than look no more and join Aftermath

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Still looking to fill about ten spots. Reply and reach out if you are interested!

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