[]Aftermath[] is looking for members!

Are you looking for an alliance that is active and competitive but also friendly and supportive? Checkout Aftermath. We are an international group of mostly mid-tier players, English speaking. A handful of our members are either husband and wife or otherwise are family members. We are on Discord, though this is optional.

We had a smaller alliance merger with us a little over a month ago and we are now taking down 9 star and 10 star titans. All we ask is that you hit the titan and to use all war flags if you participate, though war is optional.

We are totally understanding if and when real life interferes, all we ask is that you give us a heads up if you will be unavailable for a time and opt out of war in advance.

We are currently seeking four members. If you are interested, feel free to reply, ask questions, or just check us out!

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Three spots still available!

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