After You'll pay me back?

well I only had a hundred and fifty gems actually 175 and I used 150 of them trying to continue because I had such a good overall score where I would have reaped a bunch of reward now I can’t finish the quest because on the last level 10 it’s pretty much a 50/50 or it’s a given that you have to Teva 75 gems to finish so now I can’t finish and you’re saying you’ll give him back to me afterwards so in other words it’s as good as just being straight up and robbed thanks for that gentleman you’ve been screwing me over for six months now stop spending all the money you’re making what made this game great to begin with instead of having us play the same boards for the past year you guys had nothing set up for when we finish these boards I’ve been playing since last October and only has 2 five stars and I’ve spent hundreds on this game nothing like feeling like you’ve been caught in a bad episode of American Greed I enjoy the people I play with so I’m going to continue playing this game minimally like I have been and continue playing heavy on the new game I’ve gotten started on about 5 months ago where a lot of people from this game actually the bad thing is it’s all your fault it’s greed we all like this game and really liked it but you got selfish so we hold on without spending money seeing if you’ll get any better and you keep throwing up these special events one after the other now because nobody spending money like they used to but we’re doing this on purpose to see if we could get back anything that you keep promising then we will go back to spending like we were and playing like we were and enjoying ourselves but all you’re showing us is your true colors do the right thing me having to 5 Star Heroes after years ridiculous especially after spending hundreds and hundreds

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