After upgrading 12 raids - 12 losses. WHAT IS IT LIKE?

Today I updated the game to version 18. There were some problems with sound effects in the game, but that’s not the point. Today I took revenge on other users in raids, and lost 12 (!!!) times in a row! Although the rivals were not strong enough to lose them!
I still do not understand, because of what: either my heroes’s mana began to gain more slowly, and the rivals got faster, or the rivals beat them more strongly, or my heroes started to beat weaker, I haven’t figured out yet, but the fact remains !
As we say in Russia: 1 time is an accident, 2 times is a coincidence, 3 times is a pattern, 4 times and more is already a system! I studied the theory of probability at the institute, and I understand that it is used everywhere in the game, but sorry, it is already impossible to call probability!

You’re doing something wrong if you lose that many raids in a row while attacking. There’s no other explanation, sorry.

With more information, we may be able to give you tips so you don’t lose as much. A video of your raids would be ideal.


Well, my raids after the update have the same win/loss ratio as before. All I can say is that a raid is not exactly like a fair toss of the dice. Luck plays a role, but it doesn’t always determine everything.


I add: I have now spent 2 replenishments in raids, and again 12 raids - 12 losses. It turns out this situation:

  1. if you play with heroes of only one color, then for the entire time of the battle the game allows you to collect only 2-3 combinations, as a result, a loss;
  2. if you play with heroes of different colors, then it turns out that as long as one hero has accumulated mana, almost the entire team of my opponent has time to kill!
    At the moment I lost more than 500 cups per hour, from 2700 to 2200! This is how to understand ???

i would activate shield for 7 days and re adjust your roster :smiley:

I have attacked 7 times after the update with 6 wins and 1 loss. I have been attacked 6 times and the attackers won the 6 times (which doesn’t say anything good about my defense team, I guess!).

My point is, there is no problem with attacking in raids as far as I have noticed.


Now another loss, with another oddity: I had 2 4 * heroes in my team, my opponent had a hero Rumplestiltskin. In its parameters it is written: if a card with a skull falls out, it deals 270% damage to all enemies and another 156 points are lost within 3 turns. The opponent has a 4 * squad with a level 14 assigned to the hero. How did Rumpelshtiltshem manage to kill two of my 4 * heroes at once with a full level of health? AS??? I have a hero, Drake Fong, who also deals 270% damage, but he has never killed a single hero with a single blow during the entire game 4 *

It’s, like… warm apple pie…

Record your next raid and post the video link here so we can watch it and give some idea

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l2p…sorry couldn’t resist :smile:

One more question that worries me very much: June’s rival has a hero with a detachment of 4 stars of 14 level, his strike power is 468%, I have Mariana with a detachment of 4 stars of 13 level and a strike force of 458% Why did Jun from my Mariana beat out more than 1000 points of health with one blow, and Mariana with a retaliatory strike from him - only 756 ???

Well, I will try to do it.

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I’m lost how you can still lose at 2200 cups when you were able to get to 2700 cups. Maybe reroll for weaker opponents?

Because the defending team gets a defense bonus, I think it’s 20%. This has been the case for as long as I’ve been playing ~ 1 year.

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Well another big one is marjana has a pretty weak attack score at 669 vs 749 for Joon. Another thing could be troops mana vs crit troops or maxed vs mid level troops. Often over looked but the extra attack is pretty substantial. Also with the damage calculation as well defenders def and or troop bonus and buffs.

At the least I find not having either of the 2 that attacking teams if I have the choice to take out marjana or joon I will pretty much always take out joon first.

I just raided 12 times. Got up to 2876 Global rank #20. Won 11\12. I feel like I was actually pretty lucky in general but the way I construct my teams usually means if one color doesn’t work then I can stall for time with the others. My best attack right now is against blue champs in the front position -seems to be a lot of them these days - and I run Rigard\Drake Fong\Hansel\Lianna\and a 3\70 Evelynn. I also attack any non-guin yellow front hero with Rigard\Drake\Hansel\Victor\Proteus. Tends to work pretty well on attack. The problem is at 2800 It’s 95% Guin or Gravemaker in front so I do a lot of re-rolling.

You did not take into account that Mariana has 712 armor, and Juna has only 636! In general, the impact strength of both heroes at that time should be the same, the maximum difference is 10%! But the difference was just under 50%! If at the time of strikes were used to strengthen the attack or weaken the armor, I would not write about it!

Another flaw, which has already been written about a million times, but it is still not fixed! I found an opponent in the raids, attacked him, and if he entered the game at that moment, and I lost in the end, then I cannot attack him again. I will say even more: I won’t be able to attack him anymore, as I have another opponent right away! I don’t even get a warning that the opponent is in the game, whether I want to wait or find another opponent, just without any questions another opponent with another team, and that’s it !!!
Why does this moment infuriate me? Because I’m choosing each team for an opponent individually, and after the attack, if I lose, I expect that I can attack the same opponent again, and therefore often without looking, I press the “Attack” button. And imagine the situation if I have several green heroes and no blue in my team, and I come across a team with a red hero, for example, Gravedigger. This is a loss in advance!
Is it possible to make it so that if I lose, if I again want to attack the opponent, and he enters the game, I get a message that I cannot attack him? And I myself will decide further, either wait until he leaves the game, or look for a new opponent

Didn’t read every answers but just gonna say you got some unlucky boards today & that’s all !

Happens. Comes & goes, better luck next time !

There’s actually a big random component to damage that can swing the result by up to a few hundred points at the high end. Defenders also get an extra 20% attack buff. So that’s why Marjana’s shot was so much stronger than the average one from Joon.

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