After update

Hello, after update i was pay 9,99£ and didn’t get a diamonds :gem: please fix soon if possible

Guys I’ve just been trying to attack in the alliance war and twice when I’ve got the attack button it’s crashed loading up the battle…its meant I’ve lost 2 war flags and hit with no pts first time I thought it was my connection. Second time in a row definitely not. Can you please replace my lost 2 flags I am incredibly disgruntled by this as I pay my way on this game you can tell on my account I support and enjoy it. First problem I’ve had and it’s a big one typically. Please check my account Hoxy14


Hello i have got the same bug of you. I have lost 2 attack in the war and my 2 teams without fight the ennemies. Could you restart my attacks and my team??

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Hopefully they will see this and restore out two missed flags !

Yes we would see. I hope

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I have the same problem as you guys I really hope they fix this soon

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I had the same connection issue with the war.


You will all have to submit tickets through customer support. Customer support does not search the forum for individual problems.

There is a link to contact customer support at the bottom of this page:

thanks @Paulon - I couldn’t find the link… :slightly_smiling_face:

I found myself posting it so often I just keep a browser tab open on that page. :slight_smile:

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After the update today my game does not connect…it loads and then nothing. So there is no way I can access the said button to reach the game support. Please help.

The link at the bottom of the bottom of the instruction page lets you contact customer support without logging into the game.

Thanks mate, I sent a note to SUPPORT and eventhough I am not sure what they did, it brought my game back. Só I am Happy it worked.

Hello. Dear developers, I can not log into my account after the update. The game started with 0, re-training. Gives an error!


Play with the phone Huawei P9. Does not go to any account. Mobile Internet connection and Wi-Fi catches perfectly, the game is loaded, and then, I can not log in to your account ((((from another device also works fine! Please correct the error! Before the last update there were no problems!

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