After update, game won't load

I can’t get past the “connecting” screen. It just sits there. I’m in my home, with the same wifi connection I had yesterday when it was working fine. I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting to the wifi. I have cleared my phone’s cache. I have powered down the phone and powered it back on. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game (relax, it’s saved in my Google Play account). I still can’t get the game to open after the update.

Anyone got any ideas I haven’t tried yet?

Does it work when you turn on your data?

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I don’t know. I live out in the country with sporadic data service, so I always use wifi at home

I tried switching to data and was able to get in, then switched back to wifi. Thanks for the tip.

@Rook, @Coppersky, @JonahTheBard, @Kerridoc this thread can be closed please. I don’t want to delete it in case anyone else has the same issue.