After update 19 they nerf again drop rates of emblems in monster chest and raid chest

after update 19 they nerf again drop rates of emblems in monster chest and raid chest.emblems in these chests are getting’s incredible how it spoils the game to infinity and we accept it

How long have you been on v19? How much data have you collected? “Gut feeling” is not a definitive answer. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I’ve been on v19 for… a day? And I got 20 Wizard emblems this morning (or was it last night? I forget)…


This is far too early to draw any conclusion. As the rng of this game can be cruel a couple of days you need to see this on long periods of time. Not just 1 week.

You may even have been luckier lately than after the update. Statistics is long time data generation. I hope you have before… lol. Anyway way too early to even get a suspicion. :slight_smile:

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Why complaining about a short losing streak?

V19 works great and everything runs well as before…

Typically “rebalancing” changes are noted in the Release Notes, but the only change noted for Version 19 regarding emblem drop rate is an increase for some of the loot sources:

It’d be worth opening more than a handful of Monster and Raid Chests before evaluating whether the drop rate on those has changed.

If you’d like to track your results and post them on the forum to compare with others, there’s a thread that’s been tracking drop rates, both from Version 18, and now Version 19, so they can be compared:


Yesterday in my holy box

@Elf congrats on your Holy chest!

I think @Pictoras1 is talking specifically about regular Monster and Raid chests, not Elemental ones.

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I always use “speed up” for my regular chest.Before updating I received 1 or 2 emblems from 2 of 3 open chests. Today I have not received any emblem from 4 or 5 chest and yesterday I think i received a single emblem

I speed up my Raid chest, but usually not my Monster chest.

I’ve found my Monster and Raid chests to be pretty variable, both before and after the update. Plenty of them contain no Emblems, and plenty contain 1-3. Anecdotally, the Raid chests (Platinum or Diamond) seem to be a little more reliable than Monster chests, but I haven’t personally been tracking results.

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Since v19 no single emblem from any chest. Nerfed - for sure…imo

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Picked up 3 emblems from a raid chest, my highest yet from this source.

Thanks for the buff SGG!

Ever since v19 the sun doesnt exist. I mean, its cloudy today, but im sure they broke the sun!!


Ive had 3 emblems in every single raid chest and 1 or 2 in most monster chests but thanks for your definitive wisdom

I have had update for a day, even the people that were able to get it 2-3 days earlier in my group are not seeing any noticeable decrease in emblems, and some reporting getting them more often in chests.

I opened three chests yesterday…monster-none…raid - 1, titan - 10.

Waaaaaaayyyyyy to early to tell but I am confident the members who have already begun tracking this will be a much more reliable source of whether anything has actually changed over time.

Key words being “over time”.


My average is spot on from before vs after v19. Only about 50% of the monster chests have emblems, but the chests with emblems are averaging a little more than 1.5 per. Platinum raid chests are about 2/3 with emblems, and an average of 1.75 per.


I really haven’t seen any changes :woman_shrugging:

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