After the Atlantis campain ends, what' s next? We should get a new stronghold!

There is still a lot of urcentainty what would happen after all of Atlantis will be unlocked and the season 2 ends. What will happen with monthly Atlantis summons? Should the Atlantis heroes be added to old stronghold’s TC? How to use the Atlantis coins if the Atlantis summon will be available no more? And so on.

And there are numerous requests for improving our old stronghold: new buildings, new features (esoecially for TC’s) and so on.

So my proposal is: every player who successfully completes Atlantis campaign gets a new, smaller stronghold located in Atlantis. I am imagining 10 levels for both stronghold and buildings. Level one would be comparable to lvl 16 of old stronghold, level 10 to (imaginary) level 25 of old stronghold.

New stronghold buildings:
2x TC
possibly forge/barracks (see below)
1x iron storage
1x food storage
2+ farms
1+ mines
possible new buildings (alchemy building, hero academy)

Training camps: they should produce MOSTLY Atlantis heroes (there are no 1* or 2* Atlantis heroes, and not much of 3*, so “full Atlantean” mode wouldn’t be possible) , and possibly troops (this can be done in barracks too)

lvl 1: elite training with guaranteed 3* hero and high probability that this hero will be Atkantean
lvl 5: epic training with guaranteed 3* hero and a chance of getting 4* Atlantis hero
lvl 10: legendary training with a chance of getting 5* Atlantis hero (similar to lvl 20 in old stronghold, possibly 4% chance for 5* Atlantis hero, 1% for “old stronghold” 5* hero, to sum it up to 5% like in old stronghold lvl 20)
other levels: one level similar to lvl 19 in old stronghold, but with a chance to get 2* heroes as well; chance to get troops (at least 1* and 2* to use them as feeders for summons) - levelling troops is insanely slow process now due to lack of possibilities how to obtain a troop

I think that the introducing of a new stronghold would be much easier for devs than attempts to massively rework the old stronghold which can have unforeseen consequences. Thank you for considering this idea!

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