After Telluria Comes Heimdall

The Telluria adjustment will most likely be a failure. If too much is removed and she’s no longer the tank of choice, I’m betting that Heimdall jumps to the front of the line. He’s incredibly OP, especially with emblems.

In fact, as more people get him, I’m thinking he’ll surpass Telluria. Regardless of the adjustment(s) made. His revival ability might have him as something other than tank though. But he’ll start popping up and the complaints will roll in.


He’s slow mana. Seems perfectly well-rounded at that speed. Almost as effective as Mother North.


I agree. Moreover, obtaining a specific 5* is much more difficult than landing a HOTM is.


Hell no, my Heimy is going to starve before my 4 Tells.
I’ve yet to lose vs Heimy tanks.


At least for me he will never be as much of a threat. I don’t even care about the health, just want to dispel the attack buff. So it’s never an issue with letting him cast once as long as you’re somewhat ready for it. Being slow you should be able to stop him from casting twice.

I’ve had a few embarrassing defeats but it’s for sure less than Telluria even though I’ve fought him less. Mainly slow boards where I have to let Vela or some other evil character cast after they’ve been attack buffed. Vela initially hitting red heroes for like 550 is almost silly.


Meh. I’d face Heimdall over current Telluria any day.


I said the same about Telluria, and here we are…

I think Heimdall won’t be touched for a single reason: he’s still available every month, so still generating incomes.
Telluria’s ship already sailed. The profit is already in the pocket.


i prefer fight 30 Heimdal flanked by GM and Vela than 1 Tellu with same flank


That’s why I said it’s coming. Eventually, more people will get him. You’ll see him more. Right now, he isn’t annoyingly everywhere. I’m saying, if they destroy Telluria, that’ll change.

I like your point. Makes a lot of sense.

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You are correct. But, people probably didn’t wait for Valhalla and do a bunch of pulls, they did it throughout the month. If people focus on those few days, he’ll show up more. Which they might do if Telluria gets nerfed too much.

With emblems, and troops, he’s a serious threat. They might have made Mother North less of a prize, in fact.

@DotCom I have Tell, I don’t use her on my regular defense because it doesn’t give me many revenges.

I can’t speak for the people who spent a lot pulling for her, I pulled 4 with 16-17 tokens so financially I don’t have much invested.

Maybe for this reason, I feel like I can look at the nerf situation without a lot of bias.

In all 5 beta versions, I think Tell will still be the top tank except if they take away the mana slow. That’s the biggest problem with her, all your heroes become slow or very slow.

And the biggest difference between Tell and Heimy is the mana speed, you have a chance to charge your heroes because Heimy does not have the mana slow.

IIRC, I think Heimy gives added 500 health which I’ve never noticed. It’s more important to get my heroes charged, especially the healers.

Bring a dispel to remove the attack buff and it’s routine.

This is in regards to Heimy as a tank (he’s similar to MN and Alby).

Like the other rezzers, he should be OK on the wing if you don’t have MN or Alby.


I’ve fought Heimdall a few times, never really perceived him as intimidating as Telluria.

Yes, he’s strong, but his slow speed and the missing mana ailment enable a well-balanced team to take him out before he fires his special.
And even if he fires, there’s still a good chance to win the battle. Telluria is a little bit less merciful.


I agree with the timing aspect for sure. However, the already low odds of pulling Heim get smaller and smaller as more 5* Valhalla heroes are released.

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It is easier to kill Heimdall before he use skill compared to Telluria as Heimdall is slower.


As others have said Heimdall is balanced, there are many effective counter play options. Tell is, well, just not balanced.


Good luck getting him, he is very rare

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Only ‘over the balance’ strength of Heimdall now is… Vela flank. Once that goes away (at least partially), he’s just going to be your any regular top tank, very comparable but imho better than Kunchen.

Exactly. Telluria is just ridiculous absolutely unbalaced hero.

I have a new appreciation for Heimdall after battling him in a long drawn out battle. His chance to resurrect was 100% - three times he fired his special and three times fallen enemies were resurrected.

Heimdall is solid. I really like mine and I’ll take him over the wall when I get the tonics. He’s had a great special that takes time to build up.

But he’s not unbeatable, nowhere near. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my ■■■■ handed to me by Heimdall teams for sure but also you can come back from a poor board start so you feel in the battle.

A bad board against Telluria and it’s usually all over before it starts. And I now fight Tels all the time because it got to the point where I can’t bothered rerolling non-stop. After 3 back to back I usually do for some variety but that took 36000 food in rerolls earlier to finally get an Aegir tank. Anything to remove the monotony :joy:

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