After putting a character on talent grid why can I take him off and feed him to someone?

I would like to know after I finished the talent grid with one of my characters I decided not to keep them but I can’t get rid of them could you please help me and tell me why I can’t get rid of him? took him out of everything.

Is the hero padlocked in the top left of the card?

Perhaps SG have made it so you can’t accidentally feed them and you have to remove all the emblems first.

I think it’s quite rare that people would want to feed away a hero with emblems.


Can confirm. You cannot “eat” a hero who has Emblems on them.

You will have to either use a reset token OR gems to reset the emblems off… That or get used to keeping the hero around.


Weird, but why wouldn’t you want to strip the emblems first for use on another?

He is only a 2 star and I’m just started playing this game and I did a rookie move and took him all the way. Lol

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Thank you for the help. :hugs:

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