After new updated: Alliance War has became unbalanced & there's bugs/tricks

Dear developers

The Alliance War was so much fun before the recent updates, everyone is looking forward to enjoy it. After the updates, the matchmaking become really ridiculous. I took the screenshot for the unbalance result and bug/trick.

We are unable to attack the weak member who has been kicked out during the war. There’s no other weak member to attack as most of them are 3300+++

I didn’t know the new update is to make things worse.

Hopefully you will fix it soon and bring back the fun !!!


Totally agree…Very disappointing…After the updates we lose 2 times because of the unfair match


We have the same situation.
Which annoys me the most is… this ridiculous situation is discouraging my team members to enjoy. They work hard to have fun and some challenges. But not this impossible challenge to beat. They defeated my whole Alliance within 3h… WTF is that…

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The same guys! first war 10k difference, but we won with strategy. This war 20k difference, no chance to win! Stupid update.

Question for you @Jsshane, @Mhar_Gil, @_SG:
were you winning the majority of your wars before the last change in matchmaking?

I think we need miracle and luck with strategy to win this war… Thanks for the new updates(back to outdate version) Lol

Yes I did won some war up against other Alliance with 1000 different trophy score but not 6000… Their TP is between 3000 to 3900 and our is between 2300 to 3500. This is strictly bully !!

No, I don’t think so. In the last change to matchmaking, the developers are also taking into account your war history - that means, if you have been winning, your opponent will also be someone that has been winning. This is the beginning of a ladder system, that will take a few wars to even out for matchmaking. Other alliances that have been losing are now being paired with other alliances that have not had a chance to win.

Likely the developers will still be tweaking this particular aspect of the matchmaking, but I am convinced that matches will soon be more equal.

Or do you expect to win every war? :wink:


It figures, my alliance has lost many wars, due to mismatch, and last 2 we won, and it was a mismatch too, as our adversaries were too weak for us. So I expect they will reach middle ground soon


Your argument isn’t right. Do you fight a stronger Titan after an escaped TITAN? I don’t think so either. We lost our last war and this war we are matched to another Alliance which is 2x more stronger than the last one? Please think and analyse before you tried to argue. What’s next? Match against the Top 100 Alliance then you will understand?

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I forgot to added. My Alliance is only 33 days old. We have participate 5 wars ever since. We lost the 1st war, won the 2nd & 3rd. Then lost 4th & current war(5th) because of ridiculous matchmaking.

Hi, I have got another bug to report. Got no problem with matchmaking whatsoever. If they are stronger,its more fun. And fun is all I expect from a game. No point taking it too seriously.
The bug I would like to report is regarding war flags/lives. I have actually seen a player played extra life and for a moment there was shown that he has got “minus 1 flag”. The error was automatically corrected within few seconds and no harm was done. Just thought I will report it to help the developers notice something that might have escaped their attention. Here is the screenshot

Wish you having fun playing the game.

My alliance was 90% victorious in wars before the update. Used to win with right tank -strategy. Usually won with 100-300 points. Some of the wars were close calls and couple of them we loose.

… now, after the update, We are totally crushed. Opponent doesn’t even break a sweat when kicking our arses. Something is very wrong in wars. I don’t like it.

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Weird. After the update we finally got a match against one that doesnt smash us by 700+ points. Then again, weve only won 1 war in total.

Which proves the point, more or less. It is to be expected that there will be some uneven matches at the beginning of a ladder system. @mhalttu had already said they would be fine tuning it, so everyone - maybe calm down a bit and wait for the next war. Geez - you lose two wars and you are griping? What about all the alliances that have lost every war for months?
@Jsshane - not a good example with the titan - wars are coded differently than titans; wars have many more aspects to consider.

@Branwen - we are experiencing the same phenomenon - we have been outmatched most of the time and the last two wars we are steamrolling the opponent - so still hoping for everything to even out.


Yea it totally sucks now, there’s no way under the sun a team with a power of 3400 should be beating a team with 38, almost 3900 power…makes NO sense whatsoever…The leader of my alliance up and quit over it. Is happening in Raids as well. No 3600 power team should be beating my 4000 power team…this is getting old real quick

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My Alliance has also been matched up with another Alliance that’s 20k more than ours. The real question is how are the developers of this game going to fix it?! Or are they going to make the attempt to remedy this obvious issue!!

This issue will cause people to leave the game and move on to others and tbh I wouldn’t blame them.

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Branwen and me are in same Armada of several alliances. I made same experiance in mine. We lost many wars before (without having a chance! Opponent got much more points) but now we won 2 and with a bit luck even 3 in a row. Please let me mention that wins were close! So we were realy even opponents.
So please not back to old mechanics!


Team power means very little in a raid. Strategy, the right heroes and a reasonable board do. I have a 4067 defence team, and have been beaten by many weaker teams, just as I have won over many stronger teams, and I believe most players can atest to that


@Stanley - FYI, this bug was previously reported. Hopefully they read it and it’s somewhere on their big list :smile:

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