After I killed Onatel, hero still doesn’t gain mana

So, not sure if this happened before, but seems like a bug to me.
Onatels special says that the mana steal effect will be removed after Onatel is killed, this seems clear to me: kill Onatel, gain mana again.
I did a raid today where Onatel cast her effect on my Isarnia (and others), on the last turn of the effect, I kilked Onatel with specials, after that I made blue matches expecting Isarnia to gain mana, but she didn’t.

I did notice before that the steal status effect only goes away on the next turn, but I just figured that only be a visual bug, because of the description. If it is intended like this, the description should say “the mana steal effect will be remove the turn AFTER Onatel is killed”, and it doesn’t right now…

Btw, I still won the raid :wink:

Someone using Onatel in reflect yellow challenge event, it was reflected back to Onatel by the minions, after the minion die, the Onatel still cannot gain mana even with mana potion… seems the bug is similiar.

By the way, after the next turn, can Isarnia gain mana again?

She was still alive at the beginning of the turn. The mana effect doesn’t go away until after that turn.

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That is not what her description says, that was my point, her description says “the effect goes away after the caster dies” as opposed to “the effect goes away the next turn after the caster dies”.

So, which one is it? Either the description is wrong or it is a bug.

All effects go away after the turn has ended. Even though she died during the turn, it wont go away until the turn has ended. The next turn you’ll be able to gain mana at full effect. Do you remember which turn of her mana effect it was? Isarnia is a slow hero, so even though you made a move, it’s possible she still did gain mana, even if it was just a small amount. Without video evidence, it’s hard to say.
But, pretty sure still her mana effect is still active until the end of turn.
@Kerridoc do you happen to know the answer?

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Generally, status effects are removed at the end of the offense’s turn. Turn consists of use items, fire specials, and move tiles, and ends after the tile move


I understand all that, it is just not what her description says. It says specifically “the mana steal can’t be dispelled, but is removed when the caster dies”. And with a dispell a status effect is removed immideately @NPNKY , not after the turn is ended, so the description leads me to believe it should be removed the instant Onatel was killed (before the tile move).

And Isarnia didn’t gain any mana on that turn, because I saved my blue matches until after I kilked Onatel. With the mana steal that was on the last turn (I think), that should be correct if the description is wrong and the effect is removed the turn after Onatel is killed.

But ok, according to you two, it is supposed to only be gone after the turn, so it isn’t a bug, but a wrong description.

I can see why you find the description confusing. “…is removed at the end of the turn if the caster dies” would be a lot clearer. SG can produce some amazingly unclear wording at times, but they do often fix it eventually. Let’s hope this makes the list…

A cleanse removes a debuff as part of its direct action, which is why it processes instantly. Onatel’s death removing the mana debuff is probably best described as a side-effect of her death, which processes at the end of the turn in which her death happens.

So I believe that @NPNKY is correct in her analysis of when the debuff would be anticipated to end. That’s consistent with other passive-termination timings.


That’s fair. The description should read "is removed at the end of the turn when the caster dies. "


I agree.

But I have discovered game studios seldom act on my suggestion of this type.

Skill descriptions appear to be a balance between needed info, brevity and 100% detailed.


It should say it, but unfortunately it’s one of those implied things.


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