After-Christmas ramblings: Santa and judging heroes regarding top 100?


aaahhhh … yeah, I was wrong to look at the defense skill section :grin::grin:


This is my dilemma Max Victor or Mok Arr, i have to bring both up to 3/70 and run them on the map to see if they suit my play. I feel one is defensive and the other is offensive , offensive you can test, but defensive have to look at the top 100 or top alliances.


He’d help my team too…if he wasnt slow

Doesnt make sense to crank out fast and very fast heros all year in 2018

And then try to start off 2019 with 2 slow heros(onatel was originally slow)


My guess is that SGG is trying to slow the meta down some with more healers and minions. We’ll see.


Victor isn’t even great for defense though. If attacker doesnt bring a healer, he’s useless. If attacker brings an instant healer instead of a HoT, he’s still useless. I’d love to have him in my offensive lineup but i haven’t been impressed so far with him on defense


Thus my foresight for the need of putting together training videos to explain how best to use the Hero Utility as a ‘decision support’ tool :smile:

There are 4 methods of grading and ranking that goes on within the Hero Utility (5 actually when you break out the LEADERBOARD into it’s respective categories Current and Cumulative) . I will briefly do a quick review with you in regards to the Center/Tank position so you can see the variances…

I will note that those who currently have and use the Top-5 (we are looking at the Center/Tank position here not the Top-5 team) will have the best odds of making it into and holding their position in the LEADERBOARD, it’s simply the way it is (and this will change over time; I’m aware of several substitute heroes for the Top-5 that work - and many of them are heroes that have been recently added to our hero base).



RaZoR’s EDge



Note: I personally give less credit to Grades/GPA’s in regards to the ‘position’ being reviewed - however in regards to their effectiveness from a Defensive perspective I don’t disagree (that position would be identified by reviewing their position most utilized in the Cumulative Leaderboard i.e. Lianna is best utilized in the Rear position not the Center/Tank). Note to self > write the proper extraction routine to adjust Grades/GPA’s to select the Center/Tank for reviewing ‘positions’.

Note: Yes, it is true that the LEADERBOARD statistics are primarily ONLY effective in regards to LEGENDARY hero ranking classification. To a certain degree they do also speak to the EPIC heroes who have use after a players ‘EPIC’ period of play. For example BOLDTUSK is one such character, at least for now.


Empires & Puzzles - Hero Utility (Bringing it All together for you)
Unique look @ Top 100 LEADERBOARD Hero Usage now Available!

I’d say say the real problem is that there is poor information in any simple listing as to why a hero is being chosen. In general, it is safe to say that if a hero has been out for a while and is in use by a lot of the top 100, it’s probably pretty useful on defense cough Gravemaker cough.

But most of the defensive heroes are chosen in part because they synergize with other heroes in use by the top 100. If you don’t have a stable of those other heroes, then you have to do some hard thinking about how the heroes you do have are going to hang together as a defense.


The only opinion that matters with a hero is yours. Do you like that hero and does that hero work with your other hero’s. If Santa is your only red hero level him up and use him. Just because the top 100 don’t use him doesn’t mean he’s not good. Just their bench is very deep and they have more options.


This is what I’m doing, don’t worry about it !

I was just bored to see, again & again, « not in top 100 so it’s bad » so wanted to say stop to that. But I’m absolutly ok with what you’re saying :slight_smile:


Question @kerridoc would you use cagey burrito over G. Panther?? I’ve got Panther up to 3/70 right now…so I’m just wondering


@H0fm4nN - I see you already saw my Post - reviewing using RaZoR’s EDge (Santa comes in at No.4 for the Tank position)! He is a brute! Lol. :santa: Didn’t know you had it in ya… Santa… we all have a dark side right lol


I still need to give this tool a good look over, seems pretty intuitive on the surface


Yey, thanks a lot for all the work Sir !


Ok so what is the Razor’s Edge group? Cause those dont exactly look like desirable tanks(talkin mainly about G owl, mother north)


I’d amend that to say, LEGENDARY heroes that have been in the game at least three months. It’s too early to judge Mother North or Santa based on frequency in top-100.


For what purpose? Panther is unmatched in a purple stack, be it against a yellow titan or offense. I don’t think she brings a lot on defense, where I’d choose the cagey burrito any day. Kage and Panther together will be great, but panther could be at 3/70 for her special.


Razor’s Edge is based on card values and statistics using those values - see Grading Scale for definitions. Thanks Regardless of initial thoughts - I agree based on game use - from a PURE TANK definition they will live a LONG time :slight_smile:


And that’s where the actual usage information provides an interesting counterpoint. Owl’s special is clearly best off-center, probably at wing. MN could be fine at tank, but her minions are a little weak, and her mana speed too slow, to match Delilah at tank. I do think Santa will be fine at tank—not meta-defining, but a solid choice.


Ha ha - your on top of me today @Kerridoc! It’s all good. I understand. The reason I wouldn’t amend it is because they can show up in the CURRENT section long before that - and that is a slight indicator of future use and some do start showing regularly in that 3 month time and would be present in this set of the data (while I will say not firm accurate indicator as some are just testing - especially in the 1st several weeks) I don’t discount what you are stating however, I’m still watching this…

Everyone else you need to be aware:


There are several FACTS uncovered as a result of it’s existence however…

I created it to help you guys avoid some of the pitfalls in regards to leveling I made (that was it - and it evolved). Every character in the game could be ‘balanced’ in the future by SGG and future modifications in the game could also have impact (which obviously if you are aware of what is coming out in 2019 - it will).

@Rigs @H0fm4nN


Usually when I’m looking at hero’s I think defense/offense because I can’t control what the AI does but thank you for the info. When I hit titans I’m usually color stacking so your answer was definately helpful…Thank you