After-Christmas ramblings: Santa and judging heroes regarding top 100?

Hello everyone,

I pulled Santa yesterday & was really happy since I didn’t have a 5* red before him. I’m going to up him & was just coming here to get thoughts of everyone about him.

But sadly, most of the topics about him was « it’s not used by top 100 players so it s*cks ».

Could you please stop judging every heroes regarding the top 100 ? I mean, even if the top 100 always changes, everyone can’t be a part of it. Most of the top 100 players are big spenders of people who play for 1,5 years. And they are the BEST players of this game. Every players are not trying to be the bests in the world & just wanna try to be decents.

Just stop saying « it’s not in the top 100 so it s*cks » about 95 % of heroes. That’s completly stupid imo. Top 100 is beyond “normality”. You can’t judge a hero or a team just by comparing it to the top 100 team.

Just my opinion. :slight_smile:

Merry xmas everyone & wish you the best for 2019.


The “top 100” is generally a bad case for an argument over a hero’s viability

Top 100 is just a leaderboard of our current most active and succeful attackers, and doesnt reflect how viable a hero is at all.

Getting into the top 100 is about attacking.

If it was about defending then it would never change which is supposively why the new class system is being rolled out in order to alter that current status

Merry xmas to you too


Don’t let the folks who preach, not a top 100 hero…so they are garbage deter you. Lemme make this clear and it has not changed since pretty much day one. ANYONE with some general game knowledge and a couple 5* heroes can take break top 100 and even take #1 spot. Raids are kinda a joke really imho, and till we are actually playing another player on the other side of the board top 100 means nothing except that you like to fight terrible AI to see your name in the top 100…that pretty much sums it all up imho.


I am really glad to see this post as the top 100 is talked about as the “way it is.”

I have been able to crack the top 100 a few times now. When you get there you become a target so it never lasts long.


You might want to start here for some actual analysis and discussion of strengths and weaknesses


Thank you Sir. Didn’t know this post. Gonna check right now


I will just say to you “keep up the spirit and continue your goals in this game” and I always say that all the heroes in this game have their strengths and weaknesses and I don’t care if people say this hero is useless. if I get it I will still train it :muscle::muscle:


Do you have a maxed shaarkot?


Wkwkwkwkwk… not sharkot but jenneh max 3/40 :grin::grin:


I prefer Aife, i cant put together a solid team without her in it lol


talking about this, I remember the beginning of my playing empires

My team first time playing
Jenneh, layla, bane, farid, sharan :joy::joy: all maxed


As a proud owner of maxed Thorne and almost maxed Aegir… Can’t agree more with the concepts above explained.

:clap: :clap: :clap:


I’ll discuss any hero and completely leave the top 100 out of the convo but since it’s such a common reference it always gets brought up

I have more constructive conversations in Line than Forum

Always have, always will

Sucks but that’s just the way it is


Btw how is maxed aegir workin out?

I’m squattin on 30 capes, 12 scopes, and runnin out of options and not spending a dime until this zynga and classes mess blows over?

Santa is a bit underrated due to Wilbur.
They are both red, both raise the chance of your team to survive, both take down defence for the same amount, but Wilbur is faster and much more easy to have.
What’s more, Wilbur make a single hitter an AoE hitter, and that’s really cool if you use it wisely.

Top 100 sometimes just reflect some other reasons.


You mean line app? :thinking::thinking:

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what number is this ??? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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He is filling out his 20 characters


Currently 3/70, got the scopes but 1 cape short :man_shrugging:

I use him between Thorne and Kiril in my blue team and it works, I have no (major) trouble facing GM, Ares and Marjana.

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