After Beta test, do you want raid formation?

Change it all up! I’d be OK with even some REQUIRED formations in tournaments and wars!

And heck, I’d be open to wars with color restrictions, etc.

Good gaming!

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100% agreed. Formations is a great equalizer for those who don’t have the “top 20 must have” heroes. Suddenly their Elenas/Khagans/Magnis and heck even Domitias became quite a bit more powerful in reverse double formation, and that’s decidedly not a bad thing.


These polls were allincluded in the Raid Formation Thread you linked lol

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Closing topic as it is now heading in the direction of a duplicate (becoming a “feedback” thread.)

Will leave the OP voting open despite it also being a duplicate of the polls contained in the Pre-existing Master Raid Formation Thread.

Link if you want to leave discussion / feedback: [Master] 🛡 Alternate Defence / Raid Formations -- Feedback & Discussion Thread

Click here for a direct link to the original feedback polls


I used to like to raid but anymore with the raid formations I’m done theres enough calculations and math in this I have to figure out more equations…yeah not so much now I just leave it alone witch is sad I enjoyed raiding on the old format so much better.

I am confused with your thread title and your original post. It seems there is a disconnect.

Regardless, you may be in the minority here. Based on a poll made, more players or forum users prefer the alternative raid defense formation. Please check this thread:

And here is the master thread:

Come to think of it, this was suggested way back in June 2017. It took SG several years for this to be finally added as a feature.


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