After Beta test, do you want raid formation?

I don’t think any alliance (all members) would max 2 Alfrike just for that.
If so, those alliances will fight on equal ground with another whale alliance.

I don’t really see new formations as making things more difficult, honestly.
Different and sometimes still to discover new better strategies, but definetely not so harder.

That same standard defence with Bera on tank is not really much weaker of a reverse with the same Bera and another hero.

Did you find it much more difficult?

Exactly this. It made a lot of previously unloved/underused heroes viable again.

And whilst Sif is far from a poor hero when did you ever see her in a defence?

I loved raiding with my Blue mono. A lot of Hit 3 in that. Glenda following C.Kiril alone was awesome. Same with Red and Mitsuko following Falcon (also Gormek made a rare appearance too)

Sure it meant that if Sif or LOTL went off it was death but man the risk vs reward involved made the raid interesting again.

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Hey guys,
Here’s the opinion from Russian cummunity, 2000+ votes.

Personally, I’d recommend to implement formations step-by-step.
First step - tournaments.
Second step - wars.


I appreciate the idea and implementing aspects of this game that actually seems fun and enjoyable to the player that’s not just another cash grab.

Though, in practice, it was as unique and interesting as I thought it would be. I think I’d rather it just be a standard, singular formation for everything. I do appreciate the idea, but my thoughts are quite neutral on how beneficial this was


My Vote was No to all categories , it was annoying , it will be worst in war

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I voted for the formations to be enabled in all possible modes of play. Any variation brought into this game is a plus, to my way of thinking. I’d be delighted to have the ability to make some of my 3/4*s more relevant by taking advantage of formations. By the same token, a shift in the priorities of roster development will effect a positive change for many newer players.

Rosters have always been the primary driver for SGG’s profitability with E&P. That cannot change if formations become universally incorporated. We all know how time-consuming and frustrating it can be to chase maxing out your heroes; at least there should be a new way for players to try to optimize the rosters they do have.

  1. Tie defensive formations to the watchtower’s construction – everything at level 1, not graduated by building level.
  2. Permit formations in every applicable category of play – it’s refreshing to see some sort of options available.

SHAMELESS PLUG: Further modify war options by setting either cycling Team Cost maximums, or allowing alliance leadership to select that Team Cost maximum.


Unfortunately, these formations are too imbalanced. The inverse formation is much more difficult to defeat. No need for a tank in the center. An entire class of heroes will be lost. We will only need fast mass, which will make the game much less diverse !!!

Its amazing opportunity to try different heroes in new positions.Its boring to see the same one’s like Frig,Krampus,Odin everywhere.After last Valhalla them even more come up😅So definitely would be great to try in war something fresh and more exciting.


I guess I’m in the extreme minority that actually think formations would be great for wars, but only on the condition that each member be allowed to freely set their formation, so it’s not one unified formation across the battlefield.

I personally think this would add a whole new level of depth to wars beyond the current tank/flank coordination. Whale alliances are gonna be paired up with other whales, so they can duke it out with their triple Alfrikes all they want but this won’t be a concern to the average F2P/C2P.

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I think formations could be good, but with one proposal - if you choose default formation - your opponent will be with default too. It can be applied to tournament and war also, but it will produce two leadership lists - with and without formations.

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I want the formations in all aspects of PVP.

Raiding feels completely bland and left of any diversity now with the formations gone.

I don’t think raiding was much harder with formations, I won pretty much the same amount of fights (I’m around 2700 cups) I just had to think much more about my offensive teams, and I rarely went mono (unless I met Standard formation cause mono or 4-1 is clearly the best against standard)


I found the formations to be fun in raids. I do think there is already enough variety in tournaments and wars as they are now without adding formations. They can make raids more unique from wars and tournaments.

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Respectfully disagree. I love that my dispellers on attack impact the entire team if I target right. Sif and Elena owners would have loved it too (btw I have neither).

Zulag and Aeron were relevant in both double formations and there were many more great options for defense.

It feels like an equaliser that empowers good players with lesser rosters. There are counters to all of the formations, it just requires more thought…


Change it all up! I’d be OK with even some REQUIRED formations in tournaments and wars!

And heck, I’d be open to wars with color restrictions, etc.

Good gaming!

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100% agreed. Formations is a great equalizer for those who don’t have the “top 20 must have” heroes. Suddenly their Elenas/Khagans/Magnis and heck even Domitias became quite a bit more powerful in reverse double formation, and that’s decidedly not a bad thing.


These polls were allincluded in the Raid Formation Thread you linked lol

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Closing topic as it is now heading in the direction of a duplicate (becoming a “feedback” thread.)

Will leave the OP voting open despite it also being a duplicate of the polls contained in the Pre-existing Master Raid Formation Thread.

Link if you want to leave discussion / feedback: [Master] 🛡 Alternate Defence / Raid Formations -- Feedback & Discussion Thread

Click here for a direct link to the original feedback polls


I used to like to raid but anymore with the raid formations I’m done theres enough calculations and math in this I have to figure out more equations…yeah not so much now I just leave it alone witch is sad I enjoyed raiding on the old format so much better.

I am confused with your thread title and your original post. It seems there is a disconnect.

Regardless, you may be in the minority here. Based on a poll made, more players or forum users prefer the alternative raid defense formation. Please check this thread:

And here is the master thread:

Come to think of it, this was suggested way back in June 2017. It took SG several years for this to be finally added as a feature.


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