After battle resource progress bar errors

After finishing normal map stage there are resource “progress bars” for XP, food, iron and recruits in the status screen. There seems to be errors with bars showing a little less than they should, i.e., showing “not full” although the related resource has been filled to the top. I have noticed this many times during several months, most often with recruits bar, but at least once with XP also. (With XP bar there was a level up “on background” although the progress bar did not reach the end and there was not the usual level up animation with the bar.)

Errors have occured both with iOS and with Android.

At least with recruits this seems to be quite deterministic and today I finally took the screenshots. Sorry they are with Finnish texts, but initially houses have 289/302 recruits, then after farming 2-1-9 the status screen shows +13 recruits but the bar clearly shows more available room. If one does not repeat the stage but continues, then there is the notification about full houses, and also house status shows 302/302. The numbers all match, but the progress bar does not.


Uh, does not seem to interest anyone :joy_cat: I understand that this is hardly game breaking thing, but also I think this is 100% clear bug, not some misunderstanding or mere suspicion. The harm caused to players is very little but still existing: Basically the progress bar showing “not full” can lead to player repeating farming too many rounds and losing some recruits etc. in progress. So, minor bug, but still a bug, and potentially causing some frustration.

Teeny account

I am running a new teeny account that levels several times a day

I have also noticed this visual bug

iPhone 7 Plus
iOS 14.8


Right now game is really busy

Rumor from Beta says W3K, and Soul Exchange, are really keeping Devs hopping

I have seen bug reports languishing for years

and pet peeves



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More Silence

([Suggestion] Production storage or consistent labeling ( 8+ links ) - #2 by Gryphonknight)


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