After a year of Empires & Puzzles

I’ll post my 1 Yr results in a couple days, for comparison. Very interesting how similar we are, although your tc20 results have totally gazumped mine :wink:


Congrats on your 1 year @myopia!!
Well thought out and written, yes I read the entire thing, I found it interesting. I also agree with your thoughts overall. Good Luck in the future, hopefully SG will listen to you.


Great precis of your first year. Well done.


is there a way to check when u started to play or do you simply remember the date?

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Nicely written! Congrats!


Not sure if this works on iPhone too, but on Android, the way I could figure out the date exactly, was by looking at the date I got the “Complete tutorial” achievement - assuming you did this on the first day of play, which seems like it would normally be the case.

So on Android at least, you can find this in Options in the bottom left corner, just left of the sign in/sign out button for Google Play Games. It is interesting that these are the same accomplishments you can see in Play Games, but in there it does not seem to show the date.

Interestingly I first looked for this also when I wrote a post about looking back at my one year anniversary of play… which in 2 days will be 1 year ago. @myopia seems like you did quite well in one year, I would say… I’m at work and I haven’t had time to read your whole post yet in detail, but I will do that later.

Maybe I should do a 2 year write up in 2 days then… one thing I do remember that for me, I was sort of slow getting 5* in the beginning, and that accelerated a lot after the 1 year mark (spoiler alert, the vast majority from TC20 as I’ve been very much C2P). Will be interesting to compare then to now.


thx for that. looks like my anniversary was 7 days ago :slight_smile:

Is that progress playing for free or paying?

Literally in the 3rd paragraph…


Fantastic overview.

As a P2P player it is still great to use this as a measuring stick.


You can go to menu settings … and check achievments here

You finish the tuturial in the first day i think its the best way to know!

I started at 1 february 2018!

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As @ChoppedLiver said but i rushed before read it down!

Awesome read! Been in my alliance for 413 days first and only joined a day or so after I starting playing. (MAGICAL)
I have always felt like it is controlled. When they started the raid tournament it show me that it is. Win 3 in a row then a lower team beats me. Stack colors and 1 out of 100 the board will be in your favor. Many times I will only have three of the color I stacked. Plus I never have made a whole RT without spending 75 gems to continue.
The ascension items never happen . I’ll end with royal freaking tabards. 5 months to get 1 ridiculously stupid


Only for Android.

We can see the exact date from…
Settings > iTunes & App Store: Apple ID: View Apple ID > Purchase History
– tap “Last 90 Days” to expand view to include previous years.

And I though I was start at March, but I’m wrong, because I trace from C2P (1st transaction 23 March 2019 - VIP Pass month).

I start at 12 Feb 2019.


Thank you… That helped.

I installed the game tomorrow 1 year ago :slight_smile:
But I know I did not play until november / december. I remember thinking of having Santa or Rudolph in my team would be uncool, because they are “christmas only” heroes and they don’t fit for the rest of the year :smiley:

So I will take a random date in november as my “official” start :slight_smile:


This is a very nice post and as an F2P, I can totally relate to your post. Some of rhose advices on taking the slow progress to your advantage are on point. I am sure at the 1 yr mark, my hero acquisition and mats inventory will look very similar to yours. Well, hope you keep on playing for another wonderful year and have great success. :slight_smile:


I always enjoy reading these. I did one of my own when I hit 1 year. I’m 100% F2P, but even still you’re leaps and bounds ahead of me, you should count yourself fairly lucky. I’m almost at a year and a half at this point and I STILL don’t have a blue 5*. I’ve been running two TC20s non-stop for almost a full year now and no blues (and only 13 5*s total).

Similarly my luck with non-classic heroes is atrocious. Danzaburo is my only Atlantis 4 or 5* and Anzogh is my only HoTM. I’ve never gotten an event hero. So pretty much my entire roster is all classic heroes, it sucks.

At the 1 year mark my luck with troops was even worse, I had only gotten TWO 4* troops in a full year of playing! Thankfully my luck in that department has gotten better and I’ve gotten another three in the last few months, but I’m still missing a yellow.


Nice and motivated post for a 1 year play; I don’t think everyone has the luck to have such a bunch of good heros. I’m playing 10 months now in a very active way. I have 2x TC 20 running non-stop and just received my first 5* hero after getting 57X 3* and 2x4*. In total I have only 6x5* at level 44. But still motivated to play the game. I know it is a lottery, and luck can’t be bought.


Have been playing multiple times a day started june of 18 and paying but only have 3-5* and 15-4* lvl up guess I’m not spending enough

Thank you for this! What is tc20? ( I joined a year ago…I remember the Halloween event being my first, and in my alliance for 354 days which was within 2 weeks of playing so I’m probably exactly a year.)
Anyway-//how do you have so many 5* heroes? I have 1-Obakan which I got on my first event summon. Since then I get crap! Dropping 300 gems just to try kills me so I stopped… I have many 4* and a couple rainbow teams of them…
What’s the trick?? I spend $4.99 a month for VIP…occasionally I spend $1.99 for 200 gems.

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