After a spate of TC20 5* heroes

Looking to plot a course that will position me to open diamond raid chests and complete all seasonals. Offense ability currently seems to be lagging defense. Defense can easily stay in high platinum without using Kunchen. Don’t like to reroll, but will start doing it if it opens diamond chests. Have 3 tc20 available to farm for more heroes. After Shiloh darts will have all level 80 mats needed to ascend one rainbow 5* (blue includes telescopes only), including only 4 gloves. Extra 4 orbs and 4 traps. Only 2 capes. No blue 5* hero yet. Lots of recruits ruggeds and backpacks. Alliance uses blue tanks. War is important to me too.

Was thinking the gloves go to Sartana, Leonidas, and Khagan. Last one to Vivica for370. War defense of Lianna Khagan Boril Leonidas Sartana, only one slow hero.

Chao70 Chao70
Vivica240 Vivica Leonidas

Kunchen359 Cyprian464
Sartana Obakan
Tiburtus60 Sabrina60 Tiburtus Tiburtus

Boldtusk70+7 Wilbur70+7
Khagan Elena
Colen60 Kelile60 Sumitomo60 Scarlett3xx Colen Colen

Lianna340 Skittleskull70+7 Melendor459
Margaret Margaret
LittleJohn60 Kashhrek Skittleskull Melendor

Kiril70+6 Grimm4xx Boril4xx (both planned 70+7)
Agwe60 Sonya Grimm

You have plenty of good heroes to level, I would not worry about having more than 1x TC20 researching right now. Yeah, it stinks to not have a 5* of your Alliance’s war tank but eventually it will come. Right now you want to be churning out 100-120+ feeder heroes from the other 3 training camps and WE farming per day to max out what you have.

Another compass/gloves will come with this month’s Pirates event ( & tools, blade, orb), assuming they don’t change the loot or the event.


They’re skipping Pirates to do Fables, so no gloves there.

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Good heroes.

I was bouncing around 2200 trophies. I would raid up to 2400 open a chest and drop back down quickly. Until I maxed Kunchen for my defensive tank. I stay around 2600 now. It’s so much more convenient for opening chest.

Tanking with Boril almost guarantees high platinum / low diamond. That’s my experience anyway.

If you choose Sartana over Kunchen you might consider Vivica over Leonidas. It’s good to have 1 good 5* healer around.


Ah, okay. Well, after Frostmarch (should be here in a day or two) will be a Farholme with gloves and a tome.

100 feeder heroes a day? I’ve never counted, but I don’t think I average that… do you just run TC2 on 3 camps 24/7?

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2x TC11 @ 12 = 24 per day
1x TC2 @ 48 per day, with another brief run of 20-30 of TC19.
Been able to keep that up full time due to Atlantis Rising farming. Otherwise it would alternate between 2, 1, and 19. Occasionally some extra TC19 when food and recruits allow.

So that’s ~100 + whatever you get running levels.


I guess it just feels like less with how much these heroes eat. I’m currently running 1 TC11, 2 TC2, 1 TC20. I won’t maintain that for very long, but I still have 1800 backpacks thanks to Atlantis Rising.

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Wow that was a lot of Atlantis farming. I was only able to use a few flasks instead of the 8-10 I wanted to, due to time. I would definitely run more TC2 if I had that many.

20 flasks I had saved. I’m not sure how much farming I’ll do this month. Not nearly as much as I did this last time. I want to run 3xTC2 but I’m out of food and I have 2000 TC11 banked that I need to burn off. That’s happening slowly.

With these new upgrades and Atlantis Rising… I have been burning through resources as soon as I get them. Never used to happen :rofl:

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