After a long illness, COVID-19 is looking for an alliance of 2 players

Hello everyone, friends!
After a break after the COVID-19 illness, I start looking for an English-speaking alliance again with my wife, only we are Russians and live in Moscow, but we speak English. We have one problem, the messenger Line does not work in our country, only Discord. We are players of 82 and 84 levels, with a large number of 5* heroes and troops. Active, we always attack Titan, we participate in all wars. We are looking for an alliance with Titans from 13-14*.


We string 14* and have a nice guy from Russian in our alliance. If you fit the bill, feel free to drop in and give us a chance.

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Hello @Nikita1

We are laid back but competitive alliance … Bascially hit titan … Use all war flags if your opted into war … Discord is ok …
Hope to hear from yah soon. Got 2 spots in the alliance … Join the hunt :green_heart:

Edit - we are full now … Good luck in choosing your new home … Lot of good places offered .

Forsaken Ones is a place for you guys!! Come and check us! We can keep in touch in game chat if Line it isn’t working for ya!!

Just hit that link and lets have a chat.

We are East of the Equator, a family of 5 alliances. We have a very extensive library that we share with over 800 players.

If you stop by and have a talk we will share it with you also. Rather you decide to join us or not its your to keep and use.

Please check Bandits & Clubbers, we will love to have you

Hello East of the equator we have a long standing member who is from Moscow as well our members span the globe from North America to Australia and point in between. Glad to hear you have beaten Covid come check us out we have room for both of you and accept all skill levels

Please check out Rats in the cellar. We are currently battling 10/11* titans. We are an English speaking alliance. The majority of our members are from the US with a few members in other regions of the world. My wife plays and we have 2 other husband/wife duos in the cellar. Hope to see you in the cellar for a visit :blush: maybe you and your wife will decide to stay.

Hi Nikita,

The Seven Deadly Sins would love to have you both. We’re an English speaking alliance with members in many different countries. Currently in the 11/12* titan realm. We’re a friendly, active bunch. Feel free to message me Hawk#4553 on Discord!


Hi Nikita
I don’t know if you are still looking for a new home for you and your wike, but if so, I invite you to visit us at: Impossible Krazy Kats
We are a small but very good international alliance,english speakers, that we have been together for a long time, and we decided to leave on our own.
We are organized, competitive and we have rules. But we are also aware that RL exists.
Most of us are from the UK, but there are also from Ireland and the USA.
We have red tank and we use war strategies. In addition to discord.
If you think that it is something that may interest you please check out and visit us.

Ps: I hope you both are well, and kick it the covid. Take care, health comes first.

After war , we’ll have 2 open spots please make yourselves know to us if interested on our dedicated recruitment thread

Hello, East of the equator now has 2 slots open we thank you for visiting us and are now prepared to welcome you to our group. Please contact Grumpy or Reno so we can help you complete the process. Thanks

Since we are still in search of a suitable alliance for us, please tell me, do you need a Line?

While we prefer Line, Crew-Barons does accept players without it. We have spots open, currently killing 11-12 stars.

(Currently set to “open”, so you could just drop by).

@Macaque1902 uses discord and their alliance is everything you say you are looking for :slightly_smiling_face:


We have both line and Discord because we also have players from Russsia in our Alliance you will be contacted by our leader shortly @Toya with full details and Requirements

We would love to have you. We do have a player from Russia and use Discord to accommodate him. We require 25 maxed 5*, 23+ lvl troops, and a 120K weekly average on the titan. We have been chaining 14*s for a year now. If this sounds like an alliance you are interested in, you can reach us on our discord Silent Implosion

Hi Nikita
you can take a look at us @
Impossible Krazy Kats, we are 8 crazy cats who made our own lair, tired of leaving war flags and not hitting the titan. We are few but very good, organized, competitive and of course we get along super well, without dramas, egos, etc… But requires hit the titan dialy and if you opt for war uses all your flags. We use discord and line.
So if it sounds interesting and your curiosity is piqued, stop by. :smiley_cat::smile_cat::smirk_cat:

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