After 45 pulls – does the 10% probability for Epic Troops hold for you?

I finally have a 4* troop!!! So excited.

I have 46 3* troops in my roster. I got one in a featured deal…which means I pulled 45 epic troops before I finally pulled a red mana troop. Hoping it averages out as it goes.

How is your experience with epic troop pulls, does the 10% probability hold for you?


Gratz mate :slightly_smiling_face:
From my point of view - yes it indeed fits right (the 10%).
My best 10x pull was one where i got 3x 4* troops, and had only one 10x pull wo getting one 4* troop.
Few weeks ago i got the last mana troops i been looking for (lucky epic troop token^^) , so for the time beeing iam pretty much done with using gems fot the troops, the last one holy critic troop i still missing aint big deal rly.
But fron what i can see even in our alli, some ppl seriuosly struggle with troops.
Seems like i spend all my luck with troops, coz my summon / TC20 results are…

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It took me a long time to get my first one then I got two more on my next three pulls. 10% seems to be about right, but it also seems to be very streaky where I’ll go on a long run of 3* then get two or three 4* close together. I have twenty now and only one red(crit), and have a whole team of purple mana and a crit.

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Grats! Took me over 18 months to get my first red mana troop to complete the mana set


I have 6x 4* troops and I’ve done only one 10-pull early in the game. Dunno why I have so much. Luckily all 6 are different troops so I can switch them in between. Still missing a red 4* troop.

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i pulled 6 troops with the wonderland troop coins and got 3 different mana troops. rng …


Never had holy or ice 4* of a year of playing
Got both dark n red both 4* and 1 green mana

Aah good old RNG. 26 months, zero green mana troop, four green crits.

Took me almost a year and a half to get my first red 4* troop.

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I have the green crits @nevarmaor… I’m missing the blues

But yes, the 10% 4* overtime seems about right

I didn’t really track my results but I have enough 4* troops that it seems reasonable. Just waiting for that green mana …

In my position, I don’t even worry about color or type of troop. I just wanted any 4* troops so I can start working on something.

I have no idea how many troop pulls I’ve done exactly. If I had to make a rough guestimate, I’d say it’s well over 100 but less than 1000.

I still have yet to pull a single 4* blue troop. Though I do have multiple 4*s of other colors.

I just pulled a purple 4* crit troop the other day! Super happy! Finally completes my collection of all 4* troops. I find crit to best on defense so will have to decide whether to continue with my purple mana troops or crit since I have Ursena and Marie :slight_smile:

10% is my experience as well. I only recently finally got my four star purple mana troop to complete my set of Mana troops. I still need crit troops, but the Mana troops are much more valuable to me.

I have never pulled troops with gems .
I only have used ETT.
Since last august that i started the game i have two green 4*, two dark 4* , one ice 4*. Im missing red and yellow 4* troop

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I pull troops pretty regularly since I consider it a better deal. I am tired of 10 pulls of a regular summons and getting 9 feeders. With troops, they will improve my team in different ways and I feel I am getting a better chance at getting something worthwhile. I have a total of 24 - 4 star troops. I just need one more purple to make it enough for everyone to have one if I go mono. I have leveled 3 of them on each team to 9, 5, and 4 with the other ones unleveled. I also have a few leveled 3 stars and 2 stars for tournaments. I have spent too much money, but I have only been at it for 3.5 months. Hopefully the RNG will be kinder to you soon. See you in the alliance.

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It’s streaky. I’ve gone months without a 4* but pulled 3 in a row with tokens from a tourny. It balances out in the end.

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This is about the same…

@zephyr1 maybe merge?

When I was first able to compete and complete Find recruits II, I never realised exactly how lucky i really was. In just 3 or 4 months (+?), I pulled 6 x green 4 star mana troops, 3 x 4 star critical attack troops; one of each in Red and one of each in Blue. No yellow, no purple. The 4 months or so after that have yielded just 1 x Green critical and 1 x Red critical.

I am starting to despair. I ran out of feeder troops at lvl 6 for RGB criticals and levels 11, 11, 9 for RGB mana troops. I still have my collection of Yellow and Purple 1, 2 and 3 stars; they will only ever be food for 4 stars. They are too precious to waste.

EDIT: These are the only troops of mine of any consequence. The answer is yes; I did feed away a number of duplicates before realising that was insanely stupid (they are worth 400 pts each).

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One year and one month playing, and I have at least 5 4* troops (and at least one mana troop) for each color, and I have never paid gems for a troop pull. That’s just by using ETTs gotten from chests, events/rewards, Recruits II, or as parts of purchases.

Reading this thread, have I really been that lucky?

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