Affects of having INACTIVE Alliance Members

I’m the Co-Leader of the Alliance, Viking Warriors. I was going through our Member’s info; e.g., amount of days since joining. I discovered one member has been ABSENT (Inactive) for 35 days! This is an unusual thing, I normally politely warn them that they’ll be “kicked” if it continues.

My Question: Doesn’t this have bearing on the Strength of Alliances we’re set up to Battle against in War?

It seems to me it does, since our Strength is a false fact.
This War is closer in Points than the usual past ones: Us; 68811 vs Them; 71226.

It not only impacts your score on who you get matched with, it impacts your points since essentially the inactive player will not score points for your team, but can lose points for your team. I kick in 5 days unless I have notice that they plan on being back in a reasonable time. I also ask that people at least remove their team from the battle ground if they will be inactive.

Others are much more hardcore.


I am surprised that no one else in the alliance has not pointed this out to you. As in my opinion they should of been removed a long time ago.
We have a rule of miss three titans without letting us k ow and you will be removed. We are not heartless and have kept guys that have had RL problems for weeks when we knew. But then we also have our hardcore players that offer to leave if they think they think they may not be around.
But each alliance has its own rules.
Perhaps as a basic set up you could use

1 Hit he Titan when on
2 if you are going to be absent let us know or you will be removed after x days ( insert your choice for the x)
3 use all your AW hits
4 Have fun

Hope this helps


Thank you very much for your input. I agree with setting rules. We do have them, and I’m going to remind Members of the standards we have stated. We also encourage having fun, relating, “communication keeps morale up and the Alliance strong.”

Not sure on your rules or your policy but we have a few members that if we are passing on a Titan go off and merc to help others etc.
We have a golden ripple that no matter who they are from leader to member when they come back they get told the rules. That way no one player can ever say they didn’t know or hadn’t seen them before

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Yes, it helps reminding myself that I’m not being a “B” for enforcing our rules in our Profile. I just did a count of inactivity… it’s not good. I myself was absent, but I didn’t fail to communicate in a private, but needed manner. So I’m back to being very attentive! Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it a lot.

BTW, how do I add the heart “Like” icon to my blog page? ~§:-}

The leader of our alliance disappeared some time ago. How do you remove an inactive Leader?

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You cant

You have to start a fresh alliance or merge with an existing one or stay in the current one with inactive leader


I opened the member list and highlighted the leader in question and the leave button is available. If I toggle the leave button will the member highlighted leave or will I leave?

You’ll leave

Only way to remove someone from an alliance is with the kick button

Leaders can’t be kicked

And if you can’t see the kick button then your title doesn’t provide the privilige

Only ones who see the kick option:

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Thanks I am aware of the kick button and the members have discussed starting a new alliance. We just decided to play with 29 members at this time.

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you seem to be generally confused. only opted in players are counted for the purpose of the war score. and after two completely missed wars a player is automatically opted out.
so no, long inactive players dont affect your war score or matchmaking in any way.

Can still lead to mismatches

They lead to sandbagged matches since a team of 28 is playin like a team of 30 in means of progression which leads to easier war matches which over time leads to mismatches if any bigger alliance has opt outs or empty spots

Either way…it’s never beneficial to keep inactives.

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that it not a problem of inactive players. it is a problem of war score taking into account win/loss history, which I personally strongly disagree with. if an alliance takes wars more seriously by better organization, strategy and participation, they shouldnt be penalized for it.

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Lol yea cause i mean who doesn’t wanna face stronger opponents right?

If the browns go undefeated all year, it would be a huge injustice for them to face harder teams?

Does anyone actually get how competition works anymore?

No team should be kicked back on easy street collecting wins

The better a team does; the tougher competition they face

Any other way wouldn’t make any sense at all and war competition would be stagnant and land us in candy crush territory and participation trophies


that approach is good in a tournament when the goal is to determine the best. wars are not a tournament, although maybe SG should think of one. or maybe they shouldnt, seeing how most things they come up are abominations.
anyway, I prefer another analogy. war score, without recent record taken into account, is like a raw war strength of an alliance, a weight. and in boxing, you dont match an underachieving HW with a MW.

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“Team is stronger than us we can’t win”

Is a cop out.

Any team an alliance gets matched with outside of very very few unique instances where foul play is inolved, is beatable

Not going to explain how or why cause it’s not my job or place to do other’s work for them

But there are alliances who successfully and consistently punch above their weight

and good for them - let them reap the benefits. sometimes they will be matched with other alliances who punch above their weight, sometimes they will get easy wins.
but dont reward underachieving alliances with equally bad underachievers. when an alliance routinely leaves double-digit numbers of flags on the war field, they get matched with similar alliances, so they keep doing it, because they think it is normal.

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I’m not sure who necro raised this topic…that post was over a year old…guess what ?rules changed. It’s been known to happen. Perhaps understanding how to read dates and history of AW would help

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