Aethers and Mats Offers - February 2022 (and beyond?)

16 to 19 March 2023 DoD S5 Special Offers

Offer: WS SO for DoD S5
Price: S$44.98 / US$29.99

(10x) Gems = 3200
(12x) 1200 Coins = 4200 gems
Value in Gems = 7400 => S$96.31 from WS
Discount 53%

PPS = S$2.04 / US$1.363

This offer is a jazzed up version of the regular D1 offer.

Instead of 10 WE flasks, they added on 200 gems and 200 coins (700 gems). Gem-wise, the WS SO falls short of 100 gems compared to the regular D1 offer.

(10x) Gems = 1000
(10x) 1000 coins = 3500 gems
10 WE flasks = 1000 gems
Value in Gems = 7500 => S$107.78 from Shop
Discount 58%

PPS (excl WE) = S$2.25 / US$1.50

Given that S5 is now complete, the regular D1 offer is probably not as useful now, unless player wants to stock up on WE flasks for events.

S5 Regular Offers

Edit 21-3-2023: surprise, surprise no FTW for S5. Lol


This exchange rate between SGD and USD is atrocious

Gotta include that pesky 8% GST. It’s actually under slightly. 1.50 would be more reasonable to both Apple and Zynga.

Today’s rate is 1.34. Add 8% => 1.4472
(simplest example)

Standard rate is S$1.48 to US$1
Usual premium = 0.0328

The rate is 1.499 for S$44.98 to US$29.99
Premium for this offer = 0.0518

It’s not as bad as you think it is.

Also, Apple’s cut is a fixed amount. Based on 30% but rounded up to nearest dollar, based on USD price tier. Regardless of taxes. Developer suffers the VAT. There’s a guide.

S$44.98 to US$29.99 (@ 1.08 including GST)

Less GST 8%
=> S$41.65 to US$27.77

(Billing in SGD but Apple gets money in USD where possible; S$ not preferred). It’s complicated depending on payment mode.

Less Apple Cut 30%
(It’s actually a fixed amount per tier)
(Apple still takes their cut. Developer takes less if not in their favour)
=> S$14 to US$9 => 30% of S$44.98 / US$29.99
Effective rate = 1.556

Zynga’s cut => S$27.65 to US$18.77
(about 64% of S$44.98 / US$29.99)
Effective rate for Zynga = 1.526

Date: 17 March 2023
Offer: Summoning Bonanza
Price: S$21.98 / US$14.99

Another new offer after that Lollapalooza Summon Offer

This offer looks like the baby assorted chocolates box, with the middle tier covered by Summoning Extravaganza.

With this offer, there’s one tier to suit a wider range of wallets: S$21.98 / S$44.98 / S$68.98.

The Math

Total 18 summons
Average PPS = S$1.22 / US$0.83

Actual PPS:
400 coins (Cov) = S$1.40 / US$0.95
350 coins (Season) = S$1.22 / US$0.83
300 coins (Challenge) = S$1.05 / US$0.71

These prices are better than those offered in regular event offers, if player only wants to punt a little.


Date: 18 March 2023
Offer: Feel The Fury (Yang Mai)
Price: S$42.98 / US$28.99

Another experimental offer from Zynga: contents and pricing. Zynga must be practising ahead for the release of “flexible pricing”.

Gems = 2900
20x Scrolls of A = 6000 gems
20x Hurricanes = 5000 gems
20x Time Freeze = 6000 gems
Value in Gems = 19900 => S$285.98 from Shop
Discount 85%

Excluding items, 2900 gems from Shop = S$41.68
Leaving that +5 roster priced at S$1.30

From another perspective, using “200 gems = S$1.48” as a base:
2900 gems = S$21.46
+5 Roster => S$21.31

My Thoughts

This offer is great value if players uses HL items in greater quantities. If it’s just gems and roster expansion, there are better offers.

The standard Roster Expansion Offer should be rolling in anytime soon. Last seen on 19 Feb. Before that, 11 and 31 Jan. (Unless Zynga has decided to can that offer)

Otherwise, player can soak up the cheap gem offers from Season offers to accumulate to buy roster space.

AR = S$1.48 / US$0.99 => 200 gems (7x?)
VF = S$2.98 / US$1.99 => 400 gems (4x)
ToU / S5 = S$4.48 / US$2.99 = 600 gems (3x)


Date: 20 March 2023
Offer: WS SO => ToL
Price: S$68.98 / US$49.99

Today marks the release of Alpha Aethers into Live Game, 2 weeks before the inaugural Aether Portal. Freebies have been sent out to whet players’ appetite, to get them all excited about 2LB their war tank defence. The hope is to garner high level player spend when the Aether Portal launches on 3 April (scheduled).

Isn’t it obvious to Zynga that players will now need to be even more careful with hero levelling, initial LB and then 2LB ? It would not make sense to level a hero if there was no intention to eventually LB that hero, and then extend to 2LB.

This means that players will tend to cherrypick portals even more than ever.

On this note, let’s look at this ToL offer:

The Math

10x 3* Master Trainers = S$11.63
Gems & Coins => S$57.35

(22 summons) Gems = 6000
(10 summons) 1000 coins = 3000
Value in Gems = 9000 => S$117.14 from WS
Discount 51%

Ignoring the Trainers, Discount reduces to 41%.

Assuming 32 summons:
PPS => S$2.16 / US$1.56

My Thoughts

This offer gives slightly better pricing compared to the regular D1 offer, but the improvement is not significant.

The usual “buyer-beware” caveat is now more relevant, given the release of 2LB today.

click here for regular ToL offers

To be continued (there should be a FTW offer)

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I just wanna get phenexa, which I probably will not. That’s why I brought this pack, spent those trainers for my 2lb aramis, he just became a really good dark tank. And I always used him offensively as well. I believe you need to 2LB on heroes that you will use on both attack and defence to make it all worth it