Aethers and Mats Offers - February 2022 (and beyond?)

No worries at all!

I think this thread can help anyone who is interested to see what offers are available, any element rotation for aether offers etc. I don’t see myself offering any suggestion for which offer is best - I see it as up to the individual player and their needs. :wink:

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I don’t dare to suggest or recommend any offer cos it’s not my money that I am spending.

I work out the discount factor, pricing for stuff. Leave it to the player to decide.


Today’s troop offer was worth it to me just for the 6 Giant Food Bundles :grin:

More food offers coming your way with Sands.

6.5M ham for S$6.98. Or USD $4.48 (think it’s that price in USD)


Date : 10 May 2022
Offer : Choose Your Limit Break
Price : S$14.98

Last appearance on 22 March 2022.
About 45 days each round ?


May aethers offer #1

Date: 10 May

Previous Phoenix VIP


May aethers offer #2

Date: 10 May

Choose Your Limit Break! is one of two aether offers today. The other being Phoenix VIP.

This was offered for the first time in late March. It is the first aethers offer which comprises of purely LBs.

I suppose that having two aether offers at the same time offers something for both small/moderate spenders and big/really big spenders.

@BlackZed Including Valor Pass, there are three aether offers for two days. Perhaps four aether offers in one day will appear later in this year’s second half. :face_with_monocle: Then again it could happen next month or even this month. :rofl:


At the rate the power rush and the revenue rush are picking up speed, nothing is surprising these days.

Maybe a supermarket style offer will appear one day …

  1. Fill your cart
  2. Check out

The more you spend, the bigger the discount. :rofl::joy:


I find it hard to fully understand the rationale behind the aether offer.
If you are max unlucky or do not participate in either tournaments or wars (and without POV) it will have value about once a year to get usage out of the 8 5* and supporting aether from the quests.

Personally I have gotten 2 or more 5* from each colour from tournaments/war/POV, so have gotten enough to follow the quests. If unlucky there, of course its nice to be able to choose, BUT, and this is the part i am struggling with…

2 of each 4* and 4 of each 3*. That number is too low, especially for the 3*. I find the biggest problem with limit breakers to be that if I break my 5* there is so little left for the 4* and 3* heroes. The pitiful number of 3*'s I get from regular gaming simply don’t add up.

So if you want to limit break additional 5* heros, and go all in on one colour, you would still lack lots of 4* and 3* material. :man_shrugging:

Incidentally - great work in collecting the info both @SamMe and @BlackZed !


Yup. From the get go, I was more ■■■■ about getting the pesky small and medium sized ones. Rather than the big ones. Cos I calculated that I will need way more small and medium sized balls for my 4* must-haves.

And few offers have heaps of the small and medium aethers: as in sell them by the buckets:

Small 20x/30x
Medium 10x/15x

With choice of element. And just forget about the large aethers.

Maybe they should just offer a supermarket-style offer for aethers. Interested players can then load their carts and checkout.

Guess it helps that I have played similar games that have the same concept. Some were friendlier : can farm for them. Some were cut-throat from Day 1. :rofl::joy:


Im an unlucky one, I’ve recieved ZERO 5* aethers as loot from any source.

Hoard the small and medium ones. You need them in much bigger quantities to LB your roster.

The big ones will come in their own time.

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It’s back. Last offer was on 9 March.

Date: 13 May 2022
Offer : Level Up With Experience
Price : FREE / $6.98 / $14.98 / $28.98 / $44.98 / $68.98

Don’t forget to collect your freebies.


Date : 16 May 2022
Offer : Sands Empire Day 2
Price : $44.98

Standard offer for Day 2 currently.


May aether offers #3

Offer: Summer Offers Day 2
Date: 17 May 2022
Duration: 1 day

@BlackZed You are correct. Same timing, price and offer contents. Just :green_circle: aethers changed to :red_circle:.

Previous occurrence


Date : 18 May 2022
Offer : Aethers Aplenty (Yellow)
Price : $44.98

Tracking Colour offered for sale:
(Mirage Quest colour)

January 2022: Yellow then Purple (Mirage: Yellow)
February 2022: Green (Mirage: Green)
March 2022: Blue (Mirage: Blue)
April 2022: Red (Mirage: Purple)
May 2022: Yellow (Mirage: Red)
June 2022: Purple? (Mirage: Yellow?)
Repeat as sequence :point_up:? :thinking:

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May aethers offer #4

Offer: Aethers Aplenty
Date: 18 May 2022
Duration: 1.5 days

Previous occurrences since February 2022

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@BlackZed Did you see the new offer for Costume Chamber?

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The previous offer is the strongest, of course. So cheap Costume Keys have not yet been offered. :+1: :slight_smile:


If the best price for Gems is $0.99 for 200 ones, then the price of 5 keys here is $1 (USA without taxes). Until yesterday, it cost a minimum of $1.50. :slight_smile: