Aethers and Mats Offers - February 2022 (and beyond?)

Look at the other event portals. D1 is usually 3000 gems plus 1000 tokens plus 10 WE / some items.

Tower offers not aligned. Hence this shift from D5 to D1. And D1 probably to D5.

Let’s see how this rolls out.

Date: 16 January 2023
Offer: Webstore Special Offer
Focus: VF (S3) and Dunes (S5)
Price: S$21.98 / US$14.99

(3 summons) S5 300 coins = 1050 gems
(3 summons) S3 300 coins = 1050 gems
Gems = 1700
Value in Gems = 3800 => S$49.46 from Web Store
Discount 56%

1700 gems is about 5 summons
Total 11 summons for this offer

Price per summon = S$1.998 / US$1.363

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@BlackZed @mrchief whether all this time on the S5 portal. there appears an offer of 700 coins = $ 9.98??

Checked my posts. Nothing like that to date.

It’s possible that it may be released towards the end of S5 Dunes, Day 3 or 4, as a Feel The Whatever Offer. I am basing my hunch on the latest trend to date.

Right now, besides S5 regular offers, there’s one offer in Web Store and T3 of Forgotten Treasures of Ice.

click here for this FTO Ice Offer

Good luck with your summons!

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Ok brother. Thanks for the information!!

D3 is the pure Dunes coins offer - you get 5 pulls for $5 (USD) and some battle items as goodies.

Beyond that, there isn’t a pure Dunes Coins offer yet. There are a few $100 offers in the past that offer Dunes coins plus some goodies (all subpar offers):

In addition, T3 of FToI is a good place to get Dunes coin because it is a plus value offer ($1 per pull plus gems), and you can stock up on challenge coins since the Challenge event will be coming up soon. With FToI, you must pay a gems tax and an unlock tax, which is unfortunate.


Ok brother. Thanks for the information!!

Date: 21 January 2023
Offer: Lunar New Year Offers D3
Price: Varies

O1 S$6.98 / US$4.99

With the LNY event being much shorter at 18 days, the regular flow of offers have been modified to squeeze in as many combos as possible. It would not surprise me to see a 3rd tier eventually.

click here for my thoughts on this offer

O2 S$148.98 / US$99.99

This offer used to have 5 ETTs, now replaced with 200x S5 Dune coins, effectively 2 summons. I am not sure if this change is permanent.

ETTs are 200 gems each. S5 coin pull is 350 gems.
2x S5 coin pulls => 700 gems
5 ETTs => 1000 gems
=> around 3 S5 summons => 1050 gems
Instead of being generous during the Lunar New Year Festive period, Zynga has decided to shortchange players by removing 300 gems value from this traditional seasonal offer.

It would have been nice if they had made it 300 coins, to give 3 summons. And bump up the value of this offer by 50 gems.

Superstitious folk of Chinese ethnicity believe that the number 3 is an auspicious number. The number 3 sounds like mountain (nature is important in Chinese culture). Mountain can have different significance, depending on the individual : growth, immortality (longevity), spirituality (“sacred manifestations of nature’s vital energy”). There’s loads to read on this topic.

If it had been 300 coins, Zynga would have appeared generous (yeah, 50 gems more) and at the same time imbue their organisation with “longevity vibes”. What’s not to like?!

The Details
D Blade/ Tome $8.50
EL 4AM (Darts) $7.00
4x 3AM $6.00
Value of AM = $21.50
Value of remaining items = $127.48
Excluding CM n Reset Emblem

EHT 5x = 1500 gems
S5 Coins 200x = 700 gems
WE Flasks = 500 gems
Gems = 10,000
Accumulated Value in Gems = 12,700
Value of 12,700 gems from Shop = $182.51
Discount 30% (used to be 34%)

Date: 28 January 2023
Offer: Lunar New Year D10
Price: S$148.98 / US$99.99

It’s now 20 Challenge Coins instead of Dune coins since CF1 is ongoing.

(Original) 5 ETT => 1000 gems

2 Challenge summons => 600 gems (shortchanged by 400 gems)

2 Dune summons => 700 gems (shortchanged by 300 gems)

Add in the reduced value of 4AM by S$1, discount is further reduced to 29%.

click here for the old version of the S$148.98 offer, with ETT


Date: 23 January 2022
Offer: Lunar New Year D5
Focus: Lunar New Year / ToL
Price: S$44.98 / US$29.99

Another new combo for a seasonal offer.

10m Ham = S$10.74 / US$7.67
The Rest = S$34.24 / US$22.32

(CF 11x summons) Gems = 3000
(LNY 2x summons) 2x EHT = 600 gems
(1 summon) 100x ToL = 300 gems
Value in Gems = 3900 => S$56.05 from Shop
Discount 39%

Total value in summons = 14x
Price per summon = S$2.45 / US$1.594

Variation on this offer

Date: 1 February 2023
Offer: LNY D14
Focus: LNY and CoE
Price: S$44.98 / US$29.99

The difference between this offer and the earlier version is +100 gem value (ToL 300 gems, CoE 400 gems).

4000 gem value => S$57.48 from Shop
Discount 40% (+1%)

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And now this version in honour of on-going ToU
Difference of 50 gems from a 300 gem portal or a 400 gem portal.
Discount should be between 39-40% => 39.5% :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Date: 23 January 2023
Offer: Web Store Special Offer
Focus: LNY / ToL / CF1
Price: S$148.98 / US$99.99

Finally, a bumper offer focused fully on summons. With William, the Blue Hippo, targetted for release on Thursday, this offer is perfectly tailored for CF1.

(CF1: 40 summons) Gems = 12000
(LNY: 15 summons) 15 EHT = 4500 gems
(5 summons) 500 ToL = 1500 gems
(50 summons) 500 Challenge Coins = 15000 gems
Value in Gems = 33000 => S$437.96 from Web Store
Discount 66%

Total possible summons = 110
Price per summon = S$1.35 / US$0.909

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Date: 24 January 2023
Offer: Feel The Fury (Eloise)
Topic: ToL and LNY
Price: S$6.98 / US$4.99

Buy 5, get 1 Free!
This offer coming on the heels of that astonishingly discounted Web Store Special Offer looks like a good portent of things to come. Or it could be a sign that Zynga needs to raise more funds, hence this unexpected value offer.

The Details
(3 summons) 300x ToL = 900 gems
(3 summons) 3 EHT = 900 gems
Value in Gems = 1800 => S$25.87 from Store
Discount 73%

Price per summon = S$1.163 / US$0.831

I think this is the lowest price per summon for small deals.

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Would buy it but alas, LNY portal is suck. And TOL is suck as well.

I will buy. And then hold for more interesting ToL portal.

It’s a darn sight better than buying that US$29.99 ToL for 30 summons.

12 summons, saving US$0.168 each (at least) => US$2.00

That should get me a nice cuppa still.

Richard pack actually seems good

I bought that with alacrity just in case that 500 Challenge coins is a mistake, like Hamgate. Funded by the unexpected refund. :rofl::joy:

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Ikr, 50 pulls is crazy. I’m saving it for phenexa when CF2 rolls around

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The featured heroes are not that great, at least to me, but it is full of good heroes - C Hel, C Perseus to name a few. No other portal has blessed me with so many Dawas so I’ll save my coins for now - I don’t want to hoard all the Dawas myself after all. :rofl:

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Date: 25 January 2023
Offer: Feel The Force (Esme)
Price: Varies

O1 S$28.98 / US$19.99

Epic GE Tome = S$10.89
2000 gems = S$18.09
Price for 2000 gems from Shop = S$28.74
Discount 37%

O2 S$14.98 / US$9.99

10m Ham = S$10.74
10x 2* Master Trainer = S$9.56
Value for this Offer = S$20.30
Discount 26%

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Date: 28 January 2023
Offer: Feel The Power (Elradir)
Focus: LNY and Challenge Coins
Price: S$6.98 / US$4.99

First a mini offer covering LNY and ToL, and now this. Looks like we can expect 2 such mini offers weekly going forward.

The Details
(3 summons) EHT-3 = 900 gems
(3 summons) 30 Challenge Coins = 900 gems
Value in Gems = 1800 => S$25.87 from Shop
Discount 73%

Price per summon = S$1.163 / US$0.8316

This offer should be popular.

click here for Challenge Offers


I find funny that there are two competing offers for 4 x $5 that net you either:

  • 16 EHT and 4 ETT (LNY)
  • 12 EHT and 120 Challenge coins (FtP).

Kinda difference, no?

But these combos will be apparently available only when there is seasonal + some other kind of event. Not that I mind, after Cyber Monday 1000 legend coins for $5, occasional 7 EHT for $5 which I didn’t see for some time and some Zynga store offer this one has the best pull to $ ratio.