Aethers and Mats Offers - February 2022 (and beyond?)

Date: 21 October 2022
Offer: Feel The Power (Elradir)
Price: S$14.98 / S$9.99

15m Ham for S$14.98 / US$9.99
=> 1m Ham for S$0.999 / US$0.666

This offer looks good but it is not as good as that Feel The Might (Senan) offer, that offers 7.5M Ham for S$6.98 / US$4.99.

Click here for that Senan Offer

Comparison of Ham offers :

6.5M = S$6.98 / US$4.99
=> 1m = S$1.074 / US$0.768

BETTER (This Offer)
15m = S$14.98 / US$9.99
=> 1m = S$0.999 / US$0.666

7.5M = S$6.98 / US$4.99
=> 1m = S$0.931 / US$0.665


I often get some of the offers from here they are decent imo.

Date: 26 October 2022
Offer: Treasures From The Deep
Price: Varies

This offer is similar to the Dragon Rooster offer.

Click here for that post

Tier 1 S$6.98 / US$4.99

Tier 1 is actually worth less, because it’s 5 Turtle Banners, priced at 10 gems each, comes up to 50 gems. DR offer includes 1 Tornado, 75 gems. Shortfall of 25 gem value. Best to ignore those Turtle Banners, if player is considering value of Tier 1.

Tier 2 S$44.98 / US$29.99

Tier 2 is also worth less, because it’s 5 Super Antidotes, valued at 90 gems. DR offer includes 2 Timestops, valued at 120 gems. Shortfall of 30 gem value.

Tier 3 S$148.98 / US$99.99

This tier offers additional 25 gem value, with the inclusion of 10 Bomb Attacks, valued at 250 gems.

DR offer includes 5 Tornadoes, comes up to 225 gems.

Impact on value is negligible.


Date: 28 October 2022
Offer: Essentials Delivery (aka The Cart Offer)
Price: S$14.98 / US$9.99

Today marks the appearance of another 10-day offer, in addition to Phoenix VIP. Based on contents and price, this offer would be “the regular 10 day offer” compared to Phoenix VIP.

10-Day Contents
Ham 5M = S$4.65 (based on 7.5M for S$6.98)
50 1* Trainers @ S$0.3102 = S$15.51
Total Value = S$20.16

Discount 26%



Lol first thing when I saw this, I just thought of your break down on the offer

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Date: 27 October 2022
Offer: Dunes Offers Day 1
Price: Varies

D1 Offer 1 S$44.98 / US$29.99

(10 summons) Gems = 3000
(10 summons) 1000 Coins = 3500 gems
10x WE flasks = 1000 gems
Value in Gems = 7500 => S$107.78 from Shop
Discount 58%

Excluding flasks, Discount is reduced to 52%.

Price per summon = S$2.249 / US$1.4995

D1 Offer 2 S$4.48 / US$2.99

Gems = 600 => S$8.6225 from Shop
Discount 48%

For USD players, discount is the standard 50%.

Date: 28 October 2022
Offer: Dunes Offers Day 2
Price: S$5.98 / US$3.99

This offer comes with a max of 6 purchases. Since coins are not in standard 100x multiples, I will look it from a 6x perspective.

Purchase 6x = S$35.88 / US$23.94
(almost 7 summons) Gems = 2400
(9 summons ) 900 coins = 3150 gems
Value in gems = 5550 => S$79.76 from Shop
Discount 55%

Price per summon = S$2.2425 / US$1.4963

Date: 28 October 2022
Offer: Dunes Offers Day 3
Price: S$6.98 / US$4.99

(5 summons) 500 coins = 1750 gems
5x Super Mana = 250 gems
3x Tornadoes = 225 gems
Value in gems = 2225 => S$31.98 from Shop
Discount 78%

Excluding items, Discount is reduced to 72%.

Price per Summon = S$1.396 / US$0.998

Date: 30 October 2022
Offer: Dunes Offers Day 4
Price: S$44.98 / US$29.99

(10 summons) Gems = 3000
(10 summons) 1000 Coins = 3500 gems
10 Scrolls of Alteration = 3000 gems
10 Hurricanes = 2500 gems
Value in Gems = 12000 => S$172.45 from Shop
Discount 74%

Excluding items, Discount is reduced to 52%.

Price per summon = S$2.249 / US$1.4995



This offer was previously marketed as Feel The Power (Senan). It has been revamped to Feel The Might (Yang Mai)

click here for the value review

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Blooper ALERT!

Pricing for 2nd offer is INCORRECT! Way overpriced.

It’s usually S$44.98 / US$29.99 at best.

The incorrect price is for those 10,000 gem offers with a host of other things. Price would then be S$148.98 / US$99.99.

Skip this second offer if Zynga doesn’t correct it. Definitely not worth it.

EDIT 2022-11-01T10:09:00Z

Second offer now looks normal. A typical S$148.98 offer.


ZS playing Trick or Treat… Only tricks, no treats :grin:

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Wonder what this breakdown of the price would be anyways

It used to be helmed by Eloise. Maybe sales didn’t do well. Senan was brought in to boost sales.

If Senan doesn’t work out, will he be replaced by Mighty Elena? :thinking:

Today, 2 November 2022, sees a mini 25-key offer helmed by Yang Mai. This offer should be more palatable to players with smaller budgets.

Click here for costume key offers

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click here for the valuation

Typical S$148.98 offer

This offer has been upgraded.

Click here for the valuation

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Date: 6 November 2022
Offer: Feel The Might (Senan)
Price: S$14.98 / US$9.99

Gems = 1000
6x EHT = 1800 gems
Value in Gems = 2800 => S$40.24 from Shop
Discount 63%

Discounted price for 1000 gems = S$5.35
Discounted price for 6x EHT = S$9.63
Price per EHT = S$1.605

If you only want EHT, this offer is more expensive than the usual S$6.98 offer for EHT-4, ETT. Each EHT in that S$6.98 offer works out to S$1.50, with the ETT priced at S$0.98.

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Date: 9 November 2022
Offer: Feel The Might (Senan)
Contents: Mixed Bag including Roster +5
Price: S$21.98 / US$14.99

Another roster offer targetted at those who need to expand their roster size. Mixed bag of stuff, some of which look to be “stocking stuffers”.

Based on price alone:
S$1.48 / US$0.99 = 200 gems
=> S$21.98 / US$14.99 => 2970 / 3028 gems
(The difference in derived gems is due to the varying exchange rate used for USD to SGD)
For a general comparison, take as 3000 gems

Gem & Gem Equivalents
Gems = 1500
5x WE Flasks = 500 gems
=> Roster +5 = 1000 gems

For this offer to make sense, player should have at least reached the “1000 gems for 5 slots” level to consider buying this offer, if player wants the WE flasks too. Otherwise, the minimum gem spend for +5 slots should be 1500.

I haven’t reached that stage yet so I am not even sure if price goes beyond 1000 gems for +5 slots.

FYI : Other small stuff :
5x 1* Master Trainers @$0.637 = S$3.185
10x Loot Tix = $0.70


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Senan is busy! Here’s the LB post :slight_smile:

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Yes it goes beyond and my surprise when i saw this one was not the price or added fluff but the availability of purchasing 2 offers

P.s. thanks for all you do!


I didn’t even think someone will reach the stage where you need >1000.

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My pleasure.

Think Zynga/SGG regrets releasing that very affordable US$4.99 Roster offer. I hope that it’s not discontinued.

Not so sure…this is the first time I’ve seen the ability to purchase the offer more than once in a window…and for me personally I would rather wait & not pull that shiney new hero this time around if I need to feed away duplicate 5* for roster space. So no space to store or level means = no pulls = no gem spend = no deal purchased = you get the drift…